(4.8) You be the Consultant Forum

(4.8) You be the Consultant Forum
(4.8) You be the Consultant Forum
After completing and posting your Organizational Scandal Report, create one (1) discussion forum entry below. Respond to two (2) different Organizational Scandal Reports by selecting one (1) of the questions below for each response. You may choose your own report for one of your responses.
Answer one of the questions below, per report you choose to respond to, after reviewing the Organizational Scandal Reports posted to assignment 4.7. Type one (1) to two (2) paragraphs for your response to each report, for a combined total of two (2) to three (3) paragraphs. Feel free to choose to answer one question below for your response one report, and choose a second question below to respond to the second report. Here are the available response questions for this activity:
•Question Option # 1: What kind of action did the organization take to address the scandal? What kinds of changes were made within the organization?
•Question Option # 2: As a leadership consultant, was this addressed effectively? What do you think would have been the most effective way to address this scandal? What could this organization have done differently?
•Question Option # 3: What advice would you give to leadership within an organization to avoid this type of corruption of power? Are there policies or procedures that could be put in place to prevent it?

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