America is a common-law country

: America is a common-law country
 A History of American Law (Author: Friedman), ISBN: 0684869888
 American Legal History (Authors: Hall,Finkelman,Ely Jr.), ISBN 9780195395426
 Please answer the following questions:
 America is a ‘common-law’ country, but common-law is constantly at odds with civil law. What exactly is common-law? Why America retain it? Why did it only retain some of it? What is behind the urge to build codes, such as ‘Field Code’ How has codification worked or not worked to clarify and simplify common-law?
 Supporting information can be found on the following pages:
 A History of American Law Pages 3-23, 50-53, 95-104,113-120. And especially 293-298 and 302-308.
 American Legal History Pages 30-35, 39-42, 142-143,359-366, and 471-472.
 This essay should do all of the following:
 Use the text to support your interpretations and arguments, citing all references and quotations.
 A great essay will be one that includes a fresh insight grounded in an accurate and thoughtful grasp of the reading. Support your response with reason and consider objections.
 1. Your ability to respond to the question that is asked.
 2. Your demonstration that you have read the text.
 3. Your understanding of that text.
 4. Your own ability to construct an argument that is persuasive and reasoned
 5. Your comprehension of the issues involved in the problems the questions point to.
 6. Your ability to address those problems.
 The way to achieve a good paper and demonstrate the above:
 1. Know what you will argue before you sit down to write-if you need to write something to figure out what you are trying to say, rewrite it once you have figured it out.
 2. Be clear about what you are arguing- state a thesis
 3. Make sure that you include in the paper advances an argument and addresses the question.
 4. Be succinct—don’t ramble or use run-on sentences.
 5. Cite from the text to prove that characters or authors believe what you say that they believe.
 6. Read carefully to make sure you are not misinterpreting what you are reading—it’s like listening closely to someone trying to explain things.
 7. Come to a conclusion. Have the courage of your conviction, but an ability to explain why you believe what you do. Be able to support what you believe.
 8. Write carefully. Make sure you are saying what you mean to. Grammar and spelling mistakes show that you did not take as much time as you needed to in writing.
 9. Show your paper to someone else to point out writing/grammar mistakes, and to point out things that you might not have thought of.