analyse a television show, news show or advertising campaign.

Assignment 2 “Forever”In this 1500 word essay, you are asked to analyse a television show, news show or advertising campaign. Your analysis must include a discussion of its innovation or lack of innovation, the nature of its production techniques, its main or recurring themes, and the underlying social messages (hegemonic values) it conveys; you must also provide an overall evaluation of the show.
 do this essay on a new television series called “Forever”. This show is about a man who cannot die and has lived for 200 years. There are flashbacks throughout out each episode to previous periods. One particular episode found interesting was “The Pugilist Break” an episode in which the plot takes place in the inner city of New York and shows how at times history can repeat can repeat itself. How some things may have changed but the poor are still often at the mercy of the rich at times although of course in this case the community triumphs over the rich land developer unlike the poor immigrants of the past.
try to include a Canadian perspective or reference when possible if relevant.


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