Analysis of “Ragtime By E.L.Doctorow”

Analysis of “Ragtime By E.L.Doctorow”
Maximum 3 Pages Analysis of “Ragtime By E.L.Doctorow”
– At least 9 quotes with explanation
– Pick a theme to write about, but it must have argument
– Pretend you are teaching someone who have read the book roughly, so teach him something might be missed (Go into detail)
Total About 5 Paragraphs:
– Introduction (Not research paper, needs to relate to the story and find a argument and make a thesis)
– 3 body paragraphs
MUST DO in each paragraph:
a. Relates to the thesis
b. Have 1 Argument
c. About 2-4 quotes with explanation (Total 9 quotes)
d. Come up with a little conclusion at the end of each paragraph
– Big Conclusion of what you have written
P.S. Requirement Might Change.