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Topics required in completed project: 1. Name of the sports nutrition supplement (I chose antioxidants)and its intended use as an ergogenic aid. 2. Effectiveness for sports performance (this should be your primary emphasis).  You do not need to debate if the supplement works as you will have selected a supplement that has been shown to be safe and effective. You should provide evidence from research studies that support the use of the supplement.  A detailed discussion of the scientific principles related to the use as an ergogenic aid must be included. You should include related physiology or biochemistry associated with your supplement. Make sure we understand how this supplement works and why a supplement may be better than any related food recommendation. 3. An overview of studies that contribute additional knowledge on the topic beyond the currently available position statements or textbook. The student should consider the textbook discussion of ?cumulative results and consensus? when considering the content of these articles. Students should comment on sport-specific recommendations (does it work in some sports, but not others?), along with gender or age differences between studies. 4. Protocols used in the studies (dosage, timing, and form of supplement (i.e., injection, capsules, powder). Based on these protocols, state the current recommendation on how to effectively take this supplement (dosage, timing, form). A table comparing each study?s protocol is highly recommended. 5. Safety concerns related to the use or misuse of the sports nutrition supplement, including potential side effects that were noted in the studies. 6. Legality (consider banned substances) per each of the following: IHSA, NCAA, and the IOC. 7. Provide at least two examples of brands that meet criteria for purity (i.e., third party approval such as NSF or Informed Choice) and cost for one month use.  Each student will search for a minimum of eight recent papers from peer-reviewed journals (no older than 2007) related to effectiveness and safety of the product specific to sports performance. The ADA/ACSM and ISSN position papers, and the Dunford textbook should be used as references in addition to the eight required journal articles. Websites, blogs, interviews and Wikipedia-type sources are not to be used as sources for the main content of the project. Allowed use of website is noted below.** Papers must be on human adult athletes, and be specific to sports performance. Ideally the papers should be randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled, crossover studies, but papers on ?field studies? or a meta-analysis paper are acceptable if they support the mission of the final paper. Students should first read the full paper/article to assure it meets these project objectives and is focused on the scientific concept of the topic. For each paper/article, the student should submit a pdf file of the article to the D2L Dropbox and a detailed summary of the article content (related to items 2-7 above) to be used to write the final paper. The summary is not to be a critique of the study, but rather focused on the protocols and results. A minimum of five bullet point paragraphs per article review is required.  For each paper selected for inclusion in the project, the appropriate full citation in APA format must be included in summaries and final paper, as well as on a works cited page on the final paper.  **For legality, brands and cost information the student may need to visit commercial websites as this information would not be included in a peer-reviewed journal article. This information should be included initially in outline form and eventually in the final paper.
Final paper was submitted on time.  Typed, double spaced with minimum 1 inch margins, stapled.  Page numbers included on all pages.  Reference page complete; in correct format.  No spelling or grammatical errors.  Paper included an introduction, all seven required topics based on 8 articles, 2 position papers and textbook (minimum 6 pages of content), and a conclusion.  Student demonstrated excellent depth of understanding of science-based principles, as well as practical use of the supplement.


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