Article Review and Analysis

Article Review and Analysis
  Article Review And Reflection: This assignment encourages you to become more familiar with one of the themes in our course by analyzing scholarly material written on a particular subject. You are required to choose an article from one of the two class readers and write an annotation of your source, stating in your own words, the author’s main thesis argument and two to three analytic points and/or evidence used to support the main argument. At the end of the summary, provide your own personal commentary on how the article has influenced your thinking on the particular topic. Be sure to reference the article using MLA style. Use as many external sources/references that you think is needed.
 How to Write an Article Review: Academics read reviews of books, articles, web sites or movies to determine whether or not they should read or view the complete work. We refer to this type of writing as an annotation. An article review is an annotation or a brief description of the article. It attempts to provide enough information for the reader to know what the article is about, what the author’s main position or thesis is and what supporting evidence or arguments the author draws upon to support their position. The review also evaluates the usefulness of the work for a particular audience. In this assignment, your evaluation of the article’s usefulness will take the form of a reflection on how the article has influenced your thinking about the particular issue(s) it addresses. Your responses should reflect on the author’s analytic positions and claims, and state what you make of them in terms of your own thinking. See “How to Write an Article Review” in attachments below for further direction.
 What to Include in Your Review and Reflection:
 • A brief summary [Scope and main purpose of the work].
 • What is the author’s main argument?
 • Analysis and/or evidence that the author uses to develop his/her argument?
 • What conclusions the author reaches?
 • Why is this source particularly interesting? How has it influenced your thinking?
 • Your annotation should be about 1000 words.
 • Include the full bibliographic information for the article.
 • Consult an MLA guide to complete this information.
 Remember that you are reviewing someone else’s work and providing an overview of that work. As such, your writing voice should reflect this by acknowledging the author of the article throughout your review. Notice in the sample below that the reviewer refers to the author throughout her review. She also provides her reader with the bibliographic details, and states what the author’s main position is and how she goes about supporting that position at the outset of her review.
 Here is a sample of a book review:
 Jennifer Hargreaves, Heroines of Sport: The Politics of Difference and Identity. London and New York: Routledge, 2000, xi + 284.
 “In Heroines of Sport: The Politics of Difference and Identity, Hargreaves has pushed the analysis of gender and sport in a much-needed direction…Hargreaves takes up the challenge to theorize gender and sport more adequately by examining the conditions of five groups of women from different areas of the world: South African women, Muslim women in the Middle East, Aboriginal women in Australia and Canada, and lesbians and women with disabilities in various countries. In her discussions of these groups, Hargreaves provides historical background and locates the struggle within broader structural and ideological conditions. …In making sense of these accounts, Hargreaves draws on an impressive array of theoretical work…”