Capital Budgeting Proposal

Capital Budgeting Proposal
Choose a U.S. based, publically-held, and exchange traded Multi National Corporation (MNC). Determine an international business investment that the firm would likely pursue. Assume the CFO of the firm suggests that you (Manager of the firm) write a letter to him/her describing the planned investment.
Prepare an introductory letter outlining the investment idea. The letter should layout details about the proposed business including why it is needed, why it will succeed (profit, sales, costs, etc), and how it fits into the firm’s current operations and expertise. The letter should also discuss the cultural, legal, and agency issues of the country where the investment is planned. The letter should be between 400 – 500 words (approximately 2 pages double spaced).
The company is Apple, Inc. The place of investment is Dubai, UAE.

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