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Hi there

This is my supplementary exam so I have to pass this time.

I will upload the following:
1. Case study question
2. Criteria sheet(please focus in column 7 )
3. Also I will upload negotiation lecture because the case study about negotiation.
4. The case study genre ( useful for case study structure so please have a look at it )
5. References file

The requirements

1. 600 words solution for this case study.
2. 6 quotations from 6 references ( and must be from the references file that I uploaded , the 6 quotation and references should be written in separate page as in the model that I uploaded ).

Use these 6 quotation in the text, 2 of them as a direct quotation and paraphrase the other 4(please highlight them in the text )

If you have any question ask me and even if you want to take 24 hours that is fine .I need high quality work.


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