Case Study on The medical center of southern Indiana

The medical center of southern Indiana is an acute care facility based in predominantly rural Clark County in the city of Charlestown. It is a community hospital with a 96-bed capacity and a full –time staff of 270. It has struggled to stay operational in the constantly changing environment and industry. It almost closed up due to perennial loss making. (Rakich. Jonathan, s and Wong, Alan, S: 4)

The hospital was a brainchild of community members in the Charlestown in the year 1973. It was formally known as North Clark Community Hospital. A board was put in place to oversee the construction beginning in 1975. It was financed by city of Charlestown revenue bonds and constructed on donated land. This had followed key adjustment made on the original plan reducing the earmarked size. It finally started offering its services to the community in 1976 under the management of North Clark County Hospital Board.

All through its formation, the hospital had huge support of opinion leaders in the community including the town mayor. The communities were very supportive of it and this lead to its survival in later years. The community served by the hospital was largely rural. It had low education level with only a small minority having achieved a Bachelors degree. Per capital income was average in comparison to other parts of the state. The county is adjacent to the large city of Louisville. Unemployment levels are low with the labor force of 50,000 mostly in employment. A sizeable number of residents in the county enjoy benefits from Medicare.

A new hospital in the Clark County had to be sanctioned by the existing facility, Clark memorial hospital. It indicated that it had no expansion plans to the north of Clark County to the regulatory body, southeast Indiana comprehensive planning council. Only then could month Clark community hospital be established.



MCSI has been heavily reliant of motivation drawn from the community. The people identity with the institution and see it as part of their own. Local government leaders private staff and customers have been driving force of the institution since its inception and through its recessive period. The hospital is the major employer in the city making a strategic institution to the community.

Another strength favoring the MCSI is the passing of Any Willing Provider Bill into a state law. It requires a managed care plan to consider small hospitals such as the MCSI. These companies are required to provide details on why they prefer or shun a certain hospital. The small hospitals were given a chance to partake the huge revenue base available under these plans. (Rakich. Jonathan, s and Wong, Alan, S: 11)


Professionals who have a lot of experience in the industry are running the institution. An example is the CEO who has worked in similar hospital in similar conditions. The new management is provided by American medTrust. They have initiated changes that spurred growth of the institution. They have emphasized on the fields that are necessary for growth in today’s healthcare delivering such as managed care plan. They have also initiated state legislation that is friendlier to small community hospitals. The management has also embarked on a public relations drive to bolster the image of the hospital in the eyes of patients, physicians and managements care plans. Its services are highly marketed to raise bed occupancy. The new management has taken steps that have put the hospital back on profitability…


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