Exam 1

Exam 1 Please answer each of the following questions in 300-400 words (use the word count function the question. Your answers should be typed into a word document with Calibri or similar font, concepts, and demonstrate that you understand them. Finally, make sure to read through your sound natural as speech, and similar to how … Read more


Memory 1. Describe the experiment by Quiroga et al. 2. What was most surprising about their results? 3. How could you reconcile their results and the views expressed by Wixted and Squire?

Antimicrobial review

Antimicrobial review All the instruction  will be uploaded  in a file later. The sources must be updated at lest from 2005-2014 . From credible sources books and journals. For Q2 i will abload the 3 result tomorrow . For each answers I need at least 1 reference with the Page No. And in the answers … Read more

What are the importances of microoraganisms in nature and in biotechnology -Essay

Order Description Write an essay (maximum 1500 words) about the importance of microoraganisms in nature and in biotechnology, with the following title: 

?Prokaryotic planet: the importance of microorganisms?.

Please include specific sections entitled ?Introduction?, ?Conclusions? and ?References? in your assignment. Use any other sections you feel appropriate.
Support your assignment with illustrations, where you think necessary (not … Read more

Brochure on Climate Change -Coursework

Order Description Assignment 2: Brochure on Climate Change All assignments must be submitted to turnitin.com on the specified due date and time. A hard copy of the brochure has to be handed in class before the lecture begins Evaluation: (40 marks) 20% Climate change is a topic that you often hear and read about. Research … Read more

Bioinformatics -Essay

Order Description I hope that you follow the instructions in the assignment and answer all questions I hope to do not take someone else’s work or give the same work for someone else There are some sources that will help you in solving duty I will upload it There are some references help solution References: … Read more

Introduction to Human Biosciences Cells of The Immune System -Essay

Order Description Cells of The Immune System For this practical you should complete a full IMRAD write-up. Your report should contain the following in addition to the following the normal rules of IMRAD writing described to you in your skills module. Introduction (15%) The purpose of the experiment – to compare normal and pathological features … Read more

Naegleria fowleri (brain eating pathogen) -Essay

Order Description Needs to be written in scientific form. 12 point font. In third person, not conversational, and needs to cite often. Synopsis- Description of the actual pathogen. Describe the morphology and the actual size. If bacterial, how does it gram stain? If viral, how big is the virion? Is it enveloped? Is the genome … Read more