the story of an hour

“The Story of an Hour,” by Kate Chopin
write a 1-2 page Analytical essay focusing on any literary and/or linguistic techniques we’ve discussed thus far. You may choose from any of the stories or poems we’ve read, as the focus of your essay.
PLEASE WRITE ON “The Story of an Hour,” by Kate Chopin

Marx and Rousseau… Chains -Essay

1- Rousseau J.J. The Discourses (st martins)
2- Marx K. The Communist Manifesto (Penguin)

Answer the following question…

`Science, letters and the arts…spread garlands of flowers over the iron chains with which men are burdened.` [Rousseau First Discourse p 36]

`The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains.` [The Communist Manifesto]

What do both Rousseau and Marx mean by chains? In your view, which of the two thinkers more accurately portrays the reality of modern society?


1. Make your answer short (roughly 1000-1200 words) and concise. Where possible refer to passages in the text that support your argument – do not use long quotations, simply use page numbers or standard reference numbers.

2. Answers should be typed in 12 point, double spaced, with 1 inch margins.

Jane Goodall’s autobiography , Reason for hope-Essay

Must include an outline and a page with the works cited at the end. The essay must contain quotations from the book. Must be typed, double spaced. Must be analytical, not merely summative, contain a suitable thesis with topic sentences and provide textual proofs, and it must demonstrate ability to make logical and meaningful conclusions at the end. You will be asked to post it to the college’s anti-plagarism program called turnitin.

essay question:
Jane developed lasting and meaningful relationships with the animals she studied for so many years. Discuss the history of her conatct and relationships with the chimpanzees and her trail-blazing methods of studying animals in the wild.