Written Assignment

Written Assignment Marcia Norman, 39, and her husband, Mitchell, had been married for 25 years and had several children. Mitchell did not work. He forced Marcia to make money by prostitution, and he made fun of that fact before family and friends. He beat her if she resisted going to a truck stop and offering … Read more

Apple Valley Family Practice Case Study

 Apple Valley Family Practice Case Study The case study should include a two page written report that includes recommendations, an excel spreadsheet that shows the calculations for the case, and a powerpoint presentation that would be used to present to a Board or Executive Committee.  

People Resourcing and Development Case Study Report

People Resourcing and Development Case Study Report Case Study Report (3,000 words) Case Study: EasyGlaze Limited. As HR Officer at EasyGlaze, prepare a report for the Managing Director and General Manager, to include the following (each part carries equal weighting): Part (i): A briefing on the key contextual issues (economic, ethical, legislative, social etc.) that … Read more

Transfer risk knowledge inside manufacturing industry (Comprehensive analytic case study)

Transfer risk knowledge inside manufacturing industry (Comprehensive analytic case study) Assignment Description The problem is : To apply knowledge management through IT systems and communication and share knowledge to manage the enterprise risk . (assume you will consider your company to be general manufacturing company) Paper methods: Implement KM on all firm level to spread … Read more

Assessing Conflict Capability

Assessing Conflict Capability Write a 275 word response to the following case study questions. Q1. Based on your educated guess for each employee, what would you say is his or her conflict capability? Is the employee an opportunistic, rules, self-aware, or goal-level individual? Q2. What are the potential conflicts you might anticipate in More Power’s … Read more

Ancient Greece Theorists and Sovereignty-Case study

Ancient Greece Theorists and Sovereignty-Case study This essay should contain primary sources. 1)Aristotle- The Politics 2) Hobbes- Leviathan 3) Aristotle- The Constitution of Athenians At least FIVE of the sources should be primary sources. See the attachment for further information

Case study 3 (PDSA)

Case study 3 (PDSA) Case Study (Part 3): Using the templates provided in class, create a model of the PDSA process around one of the school/district goals that can be used to guide future short cycles of improvement. Questions to Consider: What tools would you use with each step of the PDSA process? (2 pages) … Read more


CBE Assessment 1: A CASE STUDY (2000 words case study This assessment requires you to meet the following Knowledge, understanding and learning outcomes required for this piece of work: K1. Understand the impact of the economic environment on business K2. Know how political factors affect business Learning Outcomes: A1. Explain how changes in economic and … Read more


Case Study „DIVERSIFICATION“ at GENERAL ELECTRIC Content: Initial Situation Strategic approaches and moves Results (different perspectives: shareholders, employees, environment,..) Sources: 15 Books & Journals —> only few Internet sources. some examples.. Jack: Straight From The Gut, (ISBN 0-446-69068-6) Winning by Jack and Suzy Welch – HarperCollins (April 2005), (ISBN 0-06-075394-3) Winning: The Answers by Jack … Read more

Managing in a strategic Context

 Managing in a strategic Context Case study analysis Read the Lincoln Electric case study (available on Moodle) and prepare a report answering the following: Explain the main features (overall strategy; philosophy; compensation; leadership; communication) of the Lincoln Electric business model and employment system. Using frameworks/literature of the course discuss how generalisable is the Lincoln business … Read more