Written Assignment

Written Assignment
Marcia Norman, 39, and her husband, Mitchell, had been married for 25 years and had several children. Mitchell did not work. He forced Marcia to make money by prostitution, and he made fun of that fact before family and friends. He beat her if she resisted going to a truck stop and offering her body. On a few occasions, he made her eat out of the pets’ bowls and insisted that she bark like a dog. He threatened to kill or maim her numerous times.
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Marcia and Mitchell got along very well when he was sober. But early one morning, he was intoxicated when he went to a highway rest area where Marcia was prostituting herself and assaulted her. He continued beating her all day after they got home. She called the police and was told to come in and file a complaint, but she was afraid that he would kill her if she had him arrested. She ingested a bottle of pills, then panicked and called EMS. Her husband cursed her as the paramedics treated her and urged them to let her die. After they left, Mitchell continued to slap, kick and throw objects at Marcia. At one point, he put a cigarette out on her upper torso, causing a small burn. After he fell asleep, Marcia took their baby to her mother’s so that she would not wake him, returned with a pistol and killed him.
At trial, Marcia pleads self defense, which is defined as “the necessity, real or reasonably apparent, of killing an unlawful aggressor to save oneself from imminent death or great bodily harm.” The state does not have a battered-person syndrome statute. (Source: North Carolina v. Norman, 378 SE2d 8 [Supreme Court of North Carolina 1989])
In a paper of approximately 2,400 words, make alternate arguments that 1) Marcia Norman is not guilty of the murder of her husband; 2) Marcia Norman is guilty of the murder of her husband. Use the paper to show what you have learned about intimate-partner abuse and the pros and cons of battered-spouse syndrome.
You do not need to look at the case or research the law of North Carolina or any other state. Use the information from the assigned text. You may supplement the paper with independent sources, but this should not be necessary. Papers based on internet sources alone will not receive credit. You should be demonstrating that you have read and understood the material assigned.

Apple Valley Family Practice Case Study

 Apple Valley Family Practice Case Study
The case study should include a two page written report that includes recommendations, an excel spreadsheet that shows the calculations for the case, and a powerpoint presentation that would be used to present to a Board or Executive Committee.


People Resourcing and Development Case Study Report

People Resourcing and Development Case Study Report
Case Study Report (3,000 words)
Case Study: EasyGlaze Limited.
As HR Officer at EasyGlaze, prepare a report for the Managing Director and General Manager, to include the following (each part carries equal weighting):
Part (i):
A briefing on the key contextual issues (economic, ethical, legislative, social etc.) that EasyGlaze must develop a strong awareness of, including a discussion as to why those issues are pertinent to the organisation.
Part (ii):
An identification and discussion of external and internal information to be collected and analysed in order to forecast future demand and supply for HR at EasyGlaze
Part (iii):
An identification and discussion of external and internal information to be collected and analysed in order to forecast future demand and supply for HR at EasyGlaze
Part (iv):
An outline of two approaches to job design, including your rationale for the selection of the approaches, which aim to improve employees’ productivity and wellbeing.
Part (v):
A person specification, and a recruitment and selection strategy, for the role of HR manager. The strategy should include details of the recruitment and selection methods, with a rationale for the recommended methods.


Transfer risk knowledge inside manufacturing industry (Comprehensive analytic case study)

Transfer risk knowledge inside manufacturing industry (Comprehensive analytic case study)
Assignment Description
The problem is :
To apply knowledge management through IT systems and communication and share knowledge
to manage the enterprise risk .
(assume you will consider your company to be general manufacturing company)
Paper methods:
Implement KM on all firm level to spread Knowledge culture to enhance communication which will enhance controlling and managing risks.
1- risk management will be improved through KM (risk type is strategic and operational)
2-need of use IT along with transferring and sharing knowledge between employees(via collaboration and effective communication)
Our paper will:
Define Knowledge management+ risk management and link them
Implementation of KM in RM (discussion employee involvement)
Benefits in risk management section in organization performance
Limitation and challenges(Barriers&requirements)

Assessing Conflict Capability

Assessing Conflict Capability
Write a 275 word response to the following case study questions.
Q1. Based on your educated guess for each employee, what would you say is his or her conflict capability? Is the employee an opportunistic, rules, self-aware, or goal-level individual?
Q2. What are the potential conflicts you might anticipate in More Power’s work environment? Think in terms of paired relationships (e.g., Joe and Jim, Joe and Tina, Sally and Fred, Fred and Anton, Joe and Kim). Based on how you scored and identified the individuals involved in each paired relationship, what will be the best approach to addressing the potential conflict, given the conflict capability of each individual? Discuss as many paired relationships as possible.
Course material: Conflict Survival Kit Tools for Resolving Conflict at Work 2nd Edition, by Daniel B. Griffith and Cliff Goodwin, pg. 140

Ancient Greece Theorists and Sovereignty-Case study

Ancient Greece Theorists and Sovereignty-Case study
This essay should contain primary sources.
1)Aristotle- The Politics
2) Hobbes- Leviathan
3) Aristotle- The Constitution of Athenians
At least FIVE of the sources should be primary sources. See the attachment for further information

Case study 3 (PDSA)

Case study 3 (PDSA)
Case Study (Part 3): Using the templates provided in class, create a model of the PDSA process around one of the school/district goals that can be used to guide future short cycles of improvement.
Questions to Consider:
What tools would you use with each step of the PDSA process? (2 pages)
What metric would you use to monitor the short cycles (every month, every quarter) and how would you collect and set up time for teams to review and analyze the data? (1 page)
What type of process or template would you use to organize the “do/act” phase of the cycle? (1 page)
What accountability steps would you introduce to make sure there is consistency across the team? (1 page)
The school goal is to promote good citizenship and high performing academics.


Assessment 1: A CASE STUDY
(2000 words case study
This assessment requires you to meet the following Knowledge, understanding and learning outcomes required for this piece of work:
K1. Understand the impact of the economic environment on business
K2. Know how political factors affect business
Learning Outcomes:
A1. Explain how changes in economic and political factors may affect a specific organisation
A2. Analyse how political factors impact on organisations
A3. Analyse how economic factors impact on organisations
A4. Evaluate how future changes in economic and political environment may impact the startegy of organisations
A5 Recommend strategies for organisations to undertake in response to their external environment.
Assessment LO�s to be met Type of assessment Weighting Word count or equiv. if appropriate
1 K1, K2
total 2000 words.
Bianchi is an Italian company which specialises in the manufacturing of bicycles. See more about the company at https://www.bianchi.com/It/Home/Home.aspx
Bianchi designs, develops and produces solutions for cycling fans of all ages and has Roadbikes, Mountain bikes (MTB), City Trekking bikes and a �Junior� range for kids.
Unfortunately the Italian economy is suffering a deep recession and this has negatively affected business, with sales in decline. The Management Team of Bianchi wants to look at pushing sales and business in other markets. They have heard that the UK might be a good market to go into. A part of the The Tour de France, the famous international cycling race was held in the UK in 2014 and Mr. Bianchi noted that lots of people turned along the route to watch it.
The Bianchi team are not sure what the competitive business environment is like currently in the UK for the bicycle business.
You are working for an international management consultancy firm based in London. You are sent on a project to Bianchi to help the management team to make this decision. You decide that a good way to analyse the situation is to prepare a PEST analysis about the UK market.
The managers in Bianchi don�t know what a PEST analysis is! You will have to explain it to them first …as well as present your findings and make recommendations to them as to what strategies they might put in place to be competitive if they do then decide to go into the UK market. You prepare a plan for your report for Bianchi in separate sections as follows:
Section 1 (15 marks)
(This part of the task is about knowledge � show what you know about PEST)
– Explain what the external environment is and why it is important for all businesses to analyse the external environment regularly.
– Explain what is a �PEST� analysis is and why it might be a useful tool to for Bianchi to use to analyse the external environment not just regading this decision but as a regular reporting activity in the company.
– Explain what the 4 dimensions are in the P-E-S_T analysis and explain what kinds of things are examines in each dimension and give some examples of how a change in some of these things mighty affect a business.
Section 2 (25 marks)
(This part of the task requires application ability � show you can apply it!)
– Report findings of PEST analysis of UK market for Bicycle Business.
(Set out in a clear format � with a clear section for each P-E-S-T dimension and a sub-paragraph for each factor you find in that area that might be relevant for this business analysis.)
– Explain how the information found in the PEST analysis could impact positively or negatively Bianchi�s business opportunities in the UK.
Section 3 (10 marks)
– In conclusion, looking at findings from the PEST analysis make a recommendation as to whether this might be a good time for Bianchi to push more business in the UK. Make any other suggestions as to what strategies Bianchi might implement in response to factors in the external environment in order to be competitive in the UK market.
Your Task!
Write up your report as defined in the plan above!
(You will need to do some background research to do the PEST analysis! Use Google and other search engines to find data. You might find the following links/websites helpful….)



Initial Situation
Strategic approaches and moves
Results (different perspectives: shareholders, employees, environment,..)
Sources: 15 Books & Journals —> only few Internet sources.
some examples..
Jack: Straight From The Gut, (ISBN 0-446-69068-6)
Winning by Jack and Suzy Welch – HarperCollins (April 2005), (ISBN 0-06-075394-3)
Winning: The Answers by Jack and Suzy Welch – Harper 2006, (ISBN 0-00725264-1)
Jack Welch and the GE way : management insights and leadership secrets of the legendary CEO by Robert Slater (ISBN 0070581045)
The New GE: How Jack Welch Revived an American Institution, (ISBN 1-55623-670-0)
Jacked Up: The Inside Story of how Jack Welch Talked GE into Becoming the World’s Greatest Company by Bill Lane – McGraw Hill (2008), (ISBN 978-0-07-154410-8)
At Any Cost: Jack Welch, General Electric, and the Pursuit of Profit, (ISBN 0-375-70567-8)
“Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will: How Jack Welch is Making General Electric the World’s Most Competitive Company” Double Day 1993 by Noel Tichy and Strat Sherman (ISDN 0-385 24883-0)
Own reasoning / interpretations are very welcome but have to be separated cleary from all other sources.
Referencing style:
APA with page numbers
The guidelines of the university are very strict and every paragraph/statement should have a reference. A Sample assignment is attached.

Managing in a strategic Context

 Managing in a strategic Context
Case study analysis
Read the Lincoln Electric case study (available on Moodle) and prepare a report answering the following:
Explain the main features (overall strategy; philosophy; compensation; leadership; communication) of the Lincoln Electric business model and employment system.
Using frameworks/literature of the course discuss how generalisable is the Lincoln business model to other industries?
How generalisable is the Lincoln’s approach to employment and incentive in other countries? Taking into account the Human Resources practices and Incentive System at Lincoln analyse the main stakeholders influencing these practices in India and discuss the challenges faced by the organisation.