answer to question Board.

answer to question Board.
1) The risk communication project had you analyze the effectiveness of a program. How do we know that what we did worked? The same question was asked in how humanitarian aid is provided. Make sure you read the article in the week 11 announcement please. What element or elements do you see as most challenging?
2) This weekput the term together – what have you learned? Go back to the objectives you each identified in the first week – remember those? Go back to your blogs to review. This introspection/reflection should address material about organizations, problem solving, communications, complexity and you. This should be at least one solid page of reflection.

Crisis Communications Plan, sports Hall of Fame induction banquet

Crisis Communications Plan, sports Hall of Fame induction banquet
 You are to use the sports hall of fame induction banquet event that you used in Research Methods to complete this exam. You are to create a Crisis Communications Plan for your event. The plan should be in depth, and 10-15 pages (not including title page, table of contents, graphs, charts, references, etc.) double-spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins. All key subject areas should be clearly identifiable so that relevant information can be easily located.


Update Story On An Organization Called One Community in Cleveland OH This is for your media writing class you need to write a news report on a Update Story On An Organization Called One Community in Cleveland OH.

Update Story On An Organization Called One Community in Cleveland OH
This is for my media writing class you need to write a news report on a Update Story On An Organization Called One Community in Cleveland OH.
This news report requires you to have an interview with someone in the company so email or call interview will be fine. Each paragraphs should not be long because it is a news article. do not need a bibliography but I do need information to be sourced.
Do not include a space for name, the course, professor name or the date need as many words as possible.  5 whole pages of text.
Here are some topics that you should bring up. how this group is doing and how many people it has reached would be good. how many people or organizations they’re actually serving, how much money they’ve gotten and from where. all of the institutions in the community, talk to the execs about their plans for expanding. Look into how much money they’ve gotten how does it work? How much do people pay…is it working? uploaded the guideline paper.

Campaign Analysis

Campaign Analysis
select a communications campaign and analyse it in terms of intended audience, message and channel using the key themes of rhetoric, language, and other communication materials (such as logo’s, signs, photos etc.). This will allow students to show their understanding of how theoretical communication models are used in practice.
Write about the McDonald’s Happy Meal Campaign and then write about how it went wrong.

contrast one day’s newspaper with its digital version

contrast one day’s newspaper with its digital version
contrast the print edition of a newspaper or magazine with its digital version. choose ONE SPECIFIC date to compare the print edition and online edition. Examine the difference in content, format, and depth of information. Explore what you gain from the print edition that you don’t from the digital version, and vice versa. choose one SPECIFIC date such as october 28th’s Boston Globe/ New York Times’s newspaper first section is having… but the digital version doesn’t mention…or the advertisement part is … compare the content, layout and depth of the information.
NOT GENERAL comparison between newspaper and online edition.

Communication analysis

Communication analysis
B) In a two-column format, provide a close reading of the object or event (no more than 4 pages single-spaced): � In column one, provide a detailed comprehensive denotative description that breaks your example down into basic meaningful elements. You should provide a fine-grained literal account that avoids implied meanings or interpretations as much as possible. (Catalog specifically what was said; visual elements and qualities�color, texture, motion, etc.; characteristics of sound or other elements of perception). � In column two provide connotative readings of the elements described in your denotative description. What meanings and association do the denotative meanings convey or imply. This requires more interpretation, but still focuses on the immediate context and commonly available associations of each element. While analytic, the connotative description aims to articulate broadly shared meanings of the events. connect with my part A please

Creative Execution

Creative Execution
Evidence that this execution would be effective for this product category, supported by empirical studies or examples. Principles must be succinctly articulated.
6. Media Strategy
The assumptions or reasoning behind this plan must be clearly articulated, including the PR campaign with social media.

Communicating the Change

Pick ONE of the company’s change plan, and develop a communication plan for the company. Submit by using an excel spreadsheet, setting out the Stakeholders, timeline of the communication plan, method of communication, the rationale for why you chose this method of communication, the purpose of the communication and identifying “who” will do the communicating.

* Pick ONE of the communication pieces which listed in your communication plan, and write the communication in a Word document (either the text or the script, if the communication would have been oral.) Be sure to review the Week 6 lecture and the examples of communication plans and types there for more assistance on this piece of the project.
C. The “real world” aspect of this project is that you will write a 1-2 page analysis of one of the media pieces about one of the company’s changes written (or provided via oral media) by the company. For this section of the project, please analyze any media, news, or other communications which explained the change going on in the organization. Explain in your paper how the company handled communicating the change to its stakeholders.

Interpersonal Communication Analysis

1. Choose a full-length feature film or a minimum of three episodes of a one-hour drama or a minimum of five episodes of a half-hour comedy that depicts at least one substantial interpersonal relationship.
2. As you watch, consider which communication concepts and theories from class are displayed.
3. Write a 5-6 page paper (typed in a standard serif font such as Times 12 pt, doubled spaced, one inch margins, no cover page) plus reference list in which you:
• Explain and apply a minimum of three course concepts to the film or series you watched
• Use a minimum of three concrete examples from the film or series
• Demonstrate how these examples support or contradict the concepts you’ve included
• Use appropriate APA citation for the course concepts in the body of your paper (but please add the textbook page numbers)

Media and Communications Redesign project

Media and Communications Redesign project

you are required to write a 45 pages report, 15pages are given.
The purpose of the project report itself is to record and interpret the information compiled during the investigations, and to act as the vehicle for communicating this to the interested reader. In the following sections, some guidance is given on the planning and writing of the
thesis/project report itself. This, of course, is not mandatory, and indeed should be adapted by each student to suit the particular thesis problem and the investigations made.
The arrangement of the thesis/project report should be designed to suit the research problem and the work done. One general form of arrangement is shown below, but many other arrangements are possible.