Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice   Assignment Objective: Apply conflict management techniques to varying situations  Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to ensure students have a knowledge base of conflict management skills that are needed when managing and leading an organization.  Assignment Description: What would you do? Think about the different conflict resolution styles we talked about … Read more

Criminal Justice Article

Criminal Justice Article Esbensen, F. A., Peterson, D., Taylor, T. J., & Osgood, D. W. (2012). Results from a multi-site evaluation of the GREAT program. Justice Quarterly, 29(1), 125-151. Use Times New Roman & size 12-font. No title is necessary. Answer the questions in essay or numbered format. 1. Why did these researchers conduct this … Read more


Coursework ** No references The coursework has three parts. Each part should have one page. 1.What do you think about the movie <The Purge 1>? (you can just google the movie and then give some thoughts of it) 2. Should we have death penalty? why?(Criminal Justice) (your answer could be both yes and no, just … Read more

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice In a four to five page paper, discuss 1. What are social institutions? 2. List and describe five major social institutions The body of your paper should be at least 4 full pages in length; not including title and reference pages. Your paper should be double-spaced, 12-point font, with one-inch margins on all … Read more

Policy Brief on Probation caseloads

Policy Brief on Probation caseloads Write a Policy paper on the following topic: Probation caseloads: The question of probation caseloads is a broad topic. There is no doubt that as caseloads have increased that probation has adapted to meet the challenge. This has not meant that there has been fewer cases to manage, just that … Read more


Case BRIEF ASSIGNMENT MODULE 4 After completing the assigned reading for this module, complete the following. 1) Review the sample brief on PP .25-28 of your text book. 2) Using the sample brief and your brief instructions as a guide, prepare a case brief on one of the following cases: . People V. Shaughnessy (P. … Read more

Deterrence of Crime

This is a research paper/report/statistics project. There are 3 pages of very specific instructions given on how and where to get research and statistics for this paper and how to present the final research paper/report. The instructions have to be followed completely please. I will attach instructions when given the opportunity

Roles of Corrections Officers

Prepare a paper detailing the role of corrections officials. At a minimum, your paper should explain the corrections officers’ place within the social roles of inmates as detailed in your text, and the role of corrections officers within jail and prison administration. The paper must be two to three pages in length (excluding title and … Read more

The Juvenile Court System-Essay

750 words are the body of the paper. Does not include cover page or reference page. Work must be in APA format which includes cites and at least 2 references. This paper will cover: 1. How have legal norms changed? a. Kent v. U.S. (court case) b. In re Gault (court case) 1. right to … Read more

Criminal Procedure-Research Paper

Order Instructions: Students will write an essay comparing and contrasting the approaches to criminal procedure by the U.S. Supreme Court under both Chief Justices Earl Warren and William Rehnquist. The essay should focus on their significant decisions and the effects they had on the balance between social order maintenance and individual liberties. The essay should … Read more