future success

future success
Interests, Values, and Career Goals/Ideas
Select a computer science job that you might be interested in
What qualifications do you need to acquire this job?
-Education: What Degree(s) & Majors are appropriate?
-If you need Graduate School, what kind of GPA do you need to get into Grad school?
-Experience: What internships, volunteer activities & job skills help get this job?
-Starting Salary: How much money will you make to start?
Why do you think that you would like to do this job?, something related to computer science
What are some other jobs that you can get with your current major if you are majored in pre-computer science


  You will be assigned a topic to research and you will need to narrow down to a specific relevant research question that would ADD VALUE to the online lecture and textbook materials. Your source materials may be media reports and/or research papers. You may consult the appropriateness of the research question by submitting a proposal to the LIC.
 The final submission consists of 3 items and 2 files (name the file as zxxxx.ppt and zxxxx.mp4 respectively):
 1. A Powerpoint presentation file. The main presentation should have not more than 7 slides.
 2. A reference list with an annotated bibliography which briefly summarizes each reference researched. Please use Harvard referencing. The annotation should be 100-150 words describing the article. Place this reference and annotated bibliography at the end of the Powerpoint presentation file. The slide number restriction is only on the main presentation and not on the reference and annotated bibliography slides.
 3. A recording of your professional presentation in business attire up to 3 minutes based on the submitted ppt. Moodle do not permit uploading file >100 mb. mp4 files for the video will be fine. Other internet friendly video formats are also acceptable.
 The original video may be done via a webcam or digital camera. Student who chooses to upload to social media would need to set up an account in Dropbox/YouTube etc. Please see the file sharing social media’s website for details on how to set up an account.
 Marking criteria are the overall impression as to
 Adding value and knowledge to the online lecture and textbook materials
 Effort in research
 Demonstration of the ability to apply the findings to a wealth management issue and come up with strategies
 Clear, focus, concise and professional textual, visual and verbal communication
 Capacity to communicate confidence in the material
 Stay within length and time limit
 Students are advised to write the PowerPoint, then prepare the script. Polish them, check the slides and presentation against the criteria above. Rehearse then record as many times as you feel needed. Finally upload the video, embedded the URL in the PowerPoint.
 Submissions may be made available to other students in the course to provide  additional qualitative feedback. Research, Written Communication and Oral Communication will each account for equal weighting of the total marks in this task.


political science midterm problems

 political science midterm problems
Go to the very down and look at MIDTERM questions 3&4, please answer the two questions separately (each 275 words)by using personal argument and references from the website. Please take a look of the relevant resources and references on this website, the answer should not be in own words and not deviated from the readings and lecture notes on the website.
 The TWO questions:
 3) What are the major economic justifications for state intervention used by mercantilists and what are the major types of problems with state intervention as they pertain to international political economy?
 4) Explain the liberal perspective on markets and the state with specific reference to the Keynes/Hayek debate. Why are the differences between them vital for understanding contemporary international political economy?


MONEY AND BANKING -financial system and international economy

MONEY AND BANKING -financial system and international economy
 read the text book :American Economic History, Authors:Jonathan Hughes & Louis p.Cain.
 Publisher: Pearson Education,INC.
 write a essay about money and banking history
 a) financial system and international economy


Company law, as it currently stands in the UK, allows organisations at the time of incorporation to opt for limited liability, which would obligate company members, upon corporate insolvency, to pay the value of unpaid shares, or money they have agreed (International Commercial Law)

Company law, as it currently stands in the UK, allows organisations at the time of incorporation to opt for limited liability, which would obligate company members, upon corporate insolvency, to pay the value of unpaid shares, or money they have agreed
  (International Commercial Law)
 New Suitsplc, located in Scotland, entered in to a contract for sale with Suit Up Enterprises, located in Portugal, for 5000 tailor made suits. The contract is concluded FOB (Plymouth, UK). The contract contains the following clauses:
 Clause 2.5 ‘In the event of a dispute all matters will be referred to British courts (England)’.
 Clause 3.6 ‘The price payable to Goliath National plc of €2.5million will be due upon delivery of the suits’
 Clause 5.2 ‘Each suit will be manufactured in Ireland from locally sourced materials’
 New Suits is concerned since they have never dealt with Suit Up Enterprises before. They approach you as their solicitor for advice.
 Advise New Suits on the applicable law to the contract and the jurisdiction to hear any dispute
 Word Limit: 1000 words excluding footnotes and bibliography.


week 5 assignment

week 5 assignment
  Assume the first role, that of , Executive V.P. of Finance, a mediator/facilitator. Two other roles are also printed out to assist you in understanding how the parties view the dispute.
 Resolve this dispute using the Steps in the Mediation Process and the Mediator’s guide which follow the role information.
 Describe the outcome for all parties.
 You may have up to ten days to submit this assignment.

Chapter Eleven: Employee and Management Development

Chapter Eleven: Employee and Management Development
 Find a recent article (no more than a year old) that identifies KSAs that will be critical for managers in the immediate future. PLEASE DO NOT USE WEBSITES. Provide a summary of the article and discuss its management development implications in your discussion forum.
 TIPS: When you discuss the KSAs, please describe each KSA and write how they impact in organizations and management development.
 Textbook can be viewed at the following website:
 Chapter Ten: Key Areas of Organizational Training
 Chapter Eleven: Employee and Management Development


Resistance to Training

 Resistance to Training
  Resistance to Training.
 The vice-president of human resources asked you, the director of training, to develop a sexual harassment training program for the company. During your needs analysis you discover that most of the executives do not believe they need this training and do not plan to attend. You identify a couple of instances in which an executive’s behavior seems bordering on sexual harassment. You discuss your findings with the VP, who asks you to come back with a strategy for dealing with the resistance to training. Develop your response and present it in your discussion forum.
 TIPS: A trainer needs to develop strategic approaches to get every ones contributions and support to implement training in organizations. This question guides you to think more diplomatic ways to convince reluctant managers to participate this training. Think innovatively how to convince them and implement the training. How do you give them the ownership of training? How do you motivate them to collaborate?
 The power point slides attached to this guidance provide helpful information.
 Textbook can be viewed at the following website:
 Chapter Ten: Key Areas of Organizational Training
 Chapter Eleven: Employee and Management Development


Information from cash flow activities Fedex

 Information from cash flow activities Fedex
 Locate the most recent financial statements and related disclosure notes of FedEx Corporation. You can locate the report online atwww.fedex.com or by accessing EDGAR at 
 Requirement 1:
 From the information provided in the statement of cash flows, explain while at the same time not raising as much cash through financial activities.
 Requirement 2:
 Describe the activities listed under financing activities for the most recent fiscal year. Hint: FedEx’s Statement of Changes in Common Stockholders’ Investment (statement of shareholders’ equity) will help you determine the nature of the stock activity. What is the most notable financing activity reported?
 Requirement 3:
 What are the cash payments FedEx made for interest and for income taxes in the three years reported? Hint: See disclosure Notes
 Requirement 4:
 Obtain the relevant authoritative literature on disclosure of interest and income taxes using the FASB’s Codification Research System. You might gain access at the FASB website (www.fasb.org). What is the specific citation that specifies the way FedEx reports interest and income taxes separately that enable you to answer requirement 3?
 Under Requirement 2 prepare financial statements that explains that financial activities. Under Requirement 3 prepare a disclosure note that details the cash paid for interest expense and income taxes

Central Banks

Central Banks
One important aspect of modern finance that separates it from past eras is the pervasiveness and power of central banks. Central banks play a vital role in ensuring the stability and efficiency of banking systems as well as influencing interest rates, bank lending, asset prices, inflation, output, unemployment and other crucial aspects of macroeconomics.
In a two- to three-page paper (not including title and references pages), describe the current state of the U.S. economy using the two monetary aggregates (M1 and M2) currently published by the Federal Reserve. In your description, illustrate the trends of the two monetary aggregates. Evaluate what the Federal Reserve Bank is trying to accomplish by implementing these policies to stabilize the business cycle. Support your work with at least two scholarly resources in addition to the textbook.