You work in the tax department of a firm of Chartered Accountants, ABC LLP. You have been requested to prepare some calculations for one of the firm’s clients, Graham Robinson, setting out the tax and National Insurance consequences of two courses of action that he is considering.
Graham, aged 55, is employed as an engineer and he has decided to leave his current employer on 31 March 2015. He is considering two work opportunities and wants to know the income tax and National Insurance consequences of both as well as any other tax or financial issues he should be aware of.
The first opportunity is an employment option which he would start on 6 April 2015. The second opportunity is to be self-employed which he would start on 1 April 2015.


QM2 Econometric Project

 QM2 Econometric Project
The data set must contain a minimum of 3 variables, (one dependent
variable and at least 2 right hand side variables to be added to a constant
You should aim for a maximum of 2,500 words or around 8 pages of text, 2to 3 tables of results and 2 or 3 figures (not including the log file)Please
provide a word count on your cover page.


Pay Cut or a Lay-off during an Economic Recession in a Company?

Pay Cut or a Lay-off during an Economic Recession in a Company?
Write an argumentative research paper for your English writing class on any specific topic. You have selected the topic “Pay Cut or a Lay-off during an Economic Recession in a Company?”. Kindly follow the attached instructions.docx file word by word and come up with a 2500 word academic research paper on the topic.
Prior to this paper, you have done two more assignments correlated to this one. First was the research paper topic proposal assignment, another was the annotated bibliography. Both of these were on the same topic”Pay Cut or a Lay-off during an Economic Recession in a Company?”. Please go over these throughly. So basically, this paper(which you’ll be writing) will be the final research paper after the above two(topic proposal and bibliography). Try to use the same style of writing
As for the citations, you may choose to either use the same ones from the annotated bibliography or any different ones of your choice, but keep in mind that all sources you choose MUST be academic. Newspapers/Magazines are not considered academic. Use at least a couple of sources from the bibliography, and a couple of other sources. A total of 10.
Assignment to be split up into two parts.

Policy Impact, Evaluation, and Change

Policy Impact, Evaluation, and Change
Discuss ways the Oregon Lottery and the Oregon Department of Education could have avoided the negative editorial written by the Oregon Center for Public Policy. Were there techniques used by these two departments that you disagree with?
What are the positive aspects of public relations being used by government? What role can public relations play in national emergencies and furthering public policy?
the Articles of the Constitution that pertain to war powers, and the commentary over the debate; do you feel the executive branch should have as much power as it seems to have regarding war decisions? Do you feel the Supreme Court has taken an active enough roll in the war power debate? Justify your reasons.
Identify at least one role that each of the following departments/agencies have played in foreign or defense policy: the State Department, the Defense Department, the CIA, and the NSC. Explain if you feel that the role you identified is a proper role for that department/agency. Explain why you feel the way you do by clarifying what roles you feel each of the departments should be involved with.
Please provide reference for each

immigration and its impact on economic growth

immigration and its impact on economic growth
Stage Three:
Describe the data you will be using in your analysis in 500 to 750 words and include a chart that summarizes the moments of the key data (i.e. the mean, standard deviation, max, min and number of observations). This section must clearly cite the source of each variable and explain any manipulations that have been made to the data (for example, if the savings rate was calculated using the consumption rate). You must also clearly state the relationships you predict to see in the data. This will be explained to you in class before this stage is due.

one recommendation of MACRO Paper

one recommendation of MACRO Paper
By dint of your most excellent work in his class, you have been requested to go to Washington DC on December 31, 2014, to advise the President, the Treasury Secretary, the incoming Congress, the Federal Reserve Chairman and Board of Governors and the US Chamber of Commerce on what to do to improve the US economic condition: strengthening the foreign exchange value of the $US Dollar.
The primary objective is to do this while encouraging stronger long-term growth of the US and world economies.
Incredibly, all USA players have agreed, ex ante, to abide by your recommendations, as have the leaders and finance ministers of the G-22, the IMF, the World Bank, all member nations of the UN, WTO protesters, Basque Separatists, Led Zeppelin Reunion (we hope), and the Arab Spring/Fall/Winter rebels.
They ask that in your in the first paragraph you briefly describe what IS the CURRENT (Fall 2014) condition, in your collective view. Then briefly describe the variables you would use to measure the objective. Then outline your proposed policy, and why you think they would accomplish this objective.
Remember they are interested in macroeconomic policy dealing with stabilization and fostering strong, sustainable long-run growth. What major fiscal and monetary policies do you recommend, and why? What do you recommend for government regulatory policies for finance and for energy/environment? Do you recommend any supply-side policies? Do you lean more towards a Keynesian or a Classical approach? Describe how your proposed policies would be implemented and their consequences.
Recommend policies that are realistic. What are the potential downsides to your recommendations, and who (what groups) would support and who would oppose your recommendations and why. Who (internal domestic as well as international) would win or lose after your policy are put into effect? How would the stock and bond markets react to your proposals?


Budget Approval

Budget Approval
Develop a 4 page paper that describes the legislative process for budget review and adoption. Include the following:
1. Discuss the major factors that both constrain and influence a legislative body’s deliberations. Do these factors promote checks and balances within the system?
2. How do agencies attempt to influence the legislature on behalf of their programs?
3. Discuss the role of the legislature after it adopts the budget and sends it to the chief executive for execution.
4. How has the process evolved?


Determining Returns on Investment and Performance

Determining Returns on Investment and Performance
Costs related to the expansion and enhancement of an organization can be just as essential (and large) as costs related to routine business operations. It is important for companies to avoid stagnation and remain abreast of market trends and innovation. This can be achieved through marketing and research and development (R&D), which, as all other business functions, need funding and budgeting. As an HR manager, think about how innovation can be encouraged through initiatives which reward and develop employees.
For this week’s Application, you will analyze costs related to marketing and R&D. You will review the following scenarios and information and use the concepts of return on investment, performance, and other ideas introduced in this week’s Resources to draw conclusions related to questions posed in the prompts.
You will set up and use an Excel spreadsheet for all your calculations for the problems below, and the spreadsheet you develop should be what you turn in for the Application.
1.Define a revenue center, a cost center, a profit center, and an investment center. Give an example of each type of center. Where appropriate refer to specific examples within Human resources.
2.Harrison Handbags has an advertising budget of $150,000. The company believes that if it increases the advertising budget by $24,000, it will sell an additional 32,000 purses and each purse will provide an additional profit to the company of $1.00 before consideration of the advertising costs. What additional profit should the company expect if it accepts the proposed budget increase?
3.Brent Bybee is the manager of the packaging department of the Carnival Candy Company. He is responsible for all costs of his department except rent, property taxes, and salaries.
Budgeted costs for his department for the month of April were:
Labor $12,000
Materials 7,500
Supplies 1,700
Maintenance 3,500
Property taxes 1,000
Rent 1,800
Salaries 10,000
Utilities 5,000
Determine the variances for each cost for which Brent is responsible. Then, as the plant manager, write a memo to Brent analyzing your findings and discussing how you want to proceed.
4.The company of Holman’s and Sons has manufactured hockey sticks for more than 10 years. In 2007, Holman’s acquired Leavitt’s Lumber, which supplies materials for the hockey sticks. Holman’s designated its corporate headquarters as an investment center. In addition, Holman’s uses return on investment (ROI) to measure performance. Management bonuses are based in part on ROI. All investments are expected to earn a minimum rate of return of 15%.
Leavitt’s Lumber Company’s ROI has ranged from 17.2% to 19% since it was acquired. Leavitt’s had an investment opportunity in 2010 that had an estimated ROI of 16%. At the end of 2010, it was determined that Leavitt’s Lumber ROI for the year was 17%. Residual income for Leavitt’s Lumber in 2010 was $150,000.
As part of the management team at Leavitt’s Lumber, if you used ROI as the performance measure, would you have accepted the investment opportunity? If you had used residual income as the performance measure, would you have accepted the investment opportunity? Explain in detail your decision.
•Shim, J. K., & Siegel, J. G. (2012). Budgeting basics and beyond (4th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons,+J.+K.,+%26+Siegel,+J.+G.+(2012).+Budgeting+basics+and+beyond+(4th+ed.).+Hoboken,+NJ:+John+Wiley+%26+Sons&hl=en&sa=X&ei=FWNzVPupOMioNue0g-gD&ved=0CCAQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q&f=false

Organization Theory and Design

Organization Theory and Design
Choose a company of your preference and bring out the following details.
1. Provide a brief account of the company; its products; subsidiaries; growth and development
2. Bring out the hierarchy of authority and identify the members of the top management
3. Bring out the details of the divisional and functional management activities in the organization
4. Discuss the Customer support efforts taken by the Company at various levels of its operation.
* 12 Font Size, Times New Roman and single spacing for compiling the report


Corporate governance

Corporate governance
Based on the attached document discuss the extent to which current UK corporate governance rules strike the right balance between the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders.