Second Language Learners

Second Language Learners
This tasks requires you to apply second language theories to a real-life context. You may demonstrate your understanding of second language learners , second language learning theories and teaching methods .
( 1 to 1.5 page just list all the questions. Single line spacing. No need to give gaps for response as it is interview )
Based on these theories , design a set of interview questions ( for 2 adults ) about 25 minutes that will enable you to examine and analyse learner’s characteristics and ( formal ) second language environments. In the questionnaire we need to find out how the classroom learning environment address the needs of the interviews. There is no fixed question but there should be sufficient questions to support the interview questions and the question should address the aim.
Describe the rationale for the design of the interview question and explain how these questions enable how the questions enable you to elicit responses to second language learning and learner’s characteristics.

Silent Way – The English Language Teaching Method

Silent Way – The English Language Teaching Method
The teaching method of the presentation is: “Silent Way”.
So you need to:
– Do a short and brief introduction of “Silent Way”
– Point out advantages and disadvantages
– Show some examples (Videos are preferred)
– Show pratical methodology
– Must cite and state the references
– May show some graphs if theres any


Reflective Research Essay 614-

Reflective Research Essay 614-
selected article will be used as the foundation for your reflective research essay. The essay should be more than a summary of the article. It should compare what the article says with references such as the text, interviews with practicing or former school administrators and/or curriculum experts.

Literacies for English Language Learners

Topic: Literacies for English Language Learners
but this time you need to chose EAL + immigrant + communities + 2 relevant aspects of literacy development , more details in attached assignment statement .
I have uploaded the materials , you will find a word file named ( assessment ) I highlighted my selection in yellow , you also find the criteria sheet in the same file , the other files are the lectures and tutorials and readings you can choose some of them as a reference , use table and diagram as appropriate, if you have any question about this assignment please send me a message .
please note :
1- in the previous assignment you have done in order no 81247532 I got 29 out of 50 , so this time I expect a high quality paper and much better than previous one
2- I have chosen coursework as document type , diagram and table should be relevant and appropriate .


Writing Prompt:
If you were given an unlimited budget to create your ideal school – what kind of curriculum would you offer and why? Please describe your preferred curriculum, approaches to teaching it and rationale for your choices.
Where possible, please refer to assigned article and videos viewed. Also, (through research or personal experience) include at least one example of an approach to educating that contrasts with what is typically offered in the BC school system.
Dan Rather Reports, “Finnish First”:
CNN News report on Reggio Emilia:
Tinkering School (optional I will show in class) – Gever Tulley – Life lessons through tinkering:
 don’t need any references and please use sample word, sentence and grammar,


What do you think is more important – education (intrinsic learning) or (instrumental education) training?
If we believe that educators and schools play a major role
in the kind of people we have in our society then
“What kind of humans do we want to grow?”
“How do you think this can best be achieved?” and
“What are some of the obstacles?”

I don’t need any reference, and just use sample sentences, words, and grammar.



Critique the article provided using the instructions provided
-4 pages Article Critique assignment
-Use APA style
-An Introductory paragraph that states the author’s last name, date, and the central focus of the article. Then in this same paragraph: write a purpose or thesis statement of your purpose or intent in writing this critique
-A Body that breaks the 5 elements of a research article into Level Two headers, starting the first sentence of each paragraph with a topic sentence that focuses on the strengths and/or weaknesses of that element. Be sure to support each point with evidence from the article—quotes, paraphrases
1.Literature Review and/or a Theoretical/Conceptual Foundation
2.Methodology—data collection and data analysis section
3.Results or Findings
4.Discussion or Implications.
LASTLY, INCLUDE A CONCLUSION. • A Conclusion that restates your purpose and summarizes the article’s overall strengths and weaknesses. You might also discuss briefly what you learned from this article and in what ways you found it interesting or useful to do this first article critique.

Language and Power

*This is a Graduate Diploma in TESOL Course.

*Assignment 1, Option 1.

*1500-2000 word count.

*Assignment requirements and instructions must be followed

*Must use references (10 of them) listed in Topic from week 1 to week 8

*Harvard Referencing style.

Teaching and Assessment Program

Teaching and Assessment Program

Task: Extended teaching program
Prepare a detailed teaching program for English, equivalent to 25 daily periods (5 weeks).
The program must be a finished document containing all the detail needed for immediate implementation.
Plan for a lower-secondary year group, 8-10.
Relevant curriculum documents, text types and planning methods will be explored in the Unit Modules. Your program must conform to the curriculum requirements and to the principles and methods demonstrated in the unit Modules.