Nancy Drew”s character over the years

: Nancy Drew”s character over the years
 The Nancy Drew character takes form from the 1930’s to 2007, and spans a variety of different media, from books and movies to television shows and video games.
 Watch the three different Nancy films one from the 1930s, one from the 1970s, and one from the 2007.
 Here are the links to all the 3 Nancy films.
 1930s: Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase (1939), directed by William Clemens; available on YouTube in seven parts. Here’s the link to part 1:
 1970s: “Will the Real Santa Claus …?” – The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (1977); available on YouTube at:
 2007: Nancy Drew 2007 – Director: Andrew Fleming. Starring: Emma Roberts
 For the first part of the essay, discuss what you consider to be the defining features of the Nancy Drew character. Remember that any fictional character is no more than a collection of traits; define first for yourself what those traits are. What are the most significant traits that go into a “Nancy Drew” character, no matter what time period or medium? How are these traits productive and/or problematic?
 Then, for the second part of your paper, discuss the most important differences in the Nancy Drew character across time and media. How does her character change over time and across media? How are these changes productive and/or problematic? Explain by drawing on evidence/examples from the three “Nancy” films.
 Please make sure you answer these questions throughout the essay.
 Who is Nancy Drew? How do you assess her character across time and media?
 a. What are Nancy Drew’s most significant traits across time and media?
 b. What are the most important differences in the Nancy Drew character across time and media?
 c. What do you find productive, and what do you find problematic, about the Nancy Drew character across time and media?
 Feel free to read more online about Nancy Drew.


A chapter in a book about documentaries, you have to relay on theories and mention all the types of documentaries and concentrate on reflexive because your documentary is reflexive and it should bring examples and theories to support my documentary and take an examples from it
this is the url for the documentary

Final Film Critique

 Final Film Critique
Throughout this course, you have been compiling a blog and writing essays that analyze various elements of film such as theme, cinematic techniques, and genre. It is now time to combine those elements into a comprehensive analysis of one movie.
You will be completing this assignment in two stages. For the first stage (1500 to 1800 words), you will analyze an entire movie. In the second stage (300 to 600 words), you will reflect on how you analyzed the movie as well as how your ability to analyze film in general has evolved.
You are encouraged to incorporate writing from your Week Two and Week Three assignments if (a) you have reflected on the instructor’s feedback, (b) you have revised the relevant parts of the essays accordingly, and (c) the essays discuss the same film that you discuss here.
Stage 1: Analysis
The analysis portion of your paper should be 1500 to 1800 words in length. You should analyze the film through the lens of one of the broad theories you have learned about in class (auteur theory, genre theory, formalist theory). Your analysis must address four main areas (contextual information, story/plot, aesthetic choices, and social/personal impact) and how these areas work together to develop the theme of the movie. As you construct your analysis, assume that your reader is not familiar with this film. Use your analysis to explain to your reader why they should watch this film.
In addition to the film you are analyzing, you must use three scholarly sources to support your arguments. Refer to the ENG225 Research Guide in the Library for guidance and to locate your sources. Cite your sources (including the feature-length film) within the text of your paper and on the reference page. Cite your sources according to APA style as outlined in the Writing Center.


Quest for the lost

Quest for the lost
This started from what I like. When I was young I enjoyed getting new experience. I was excited, when I went something new place where I ever haven’t been before or when I saw something what I don’t know.
Since childhood, I enjoyed watching animation. I often watched story about unexpected journey, adventure, and wonderland. Something like Paul’s Miraculous Adventures, Wonderful adventure of Nils, The New Adventures Of Pippi Longstocking.
Interestingly, in these stories which I liked have something in common. Characters are so young and pure. They are look so weak and sometimes they got into difficulties but after all they got overcome every hardships. In this part I was recall a book, which is Mom. Summarize story She has unique ability which can sincerely heard others speech. One day, the gray gentlemans comes to their village and they deceive the villager and gentlemans take their times. But Momo is unique, than gentlemans can’t take Momo’s times. That time, Momo meet the person who is the time manager. Than, Momo get rid of gentlemans by help of the manager.
In this story I saw the modern men who live tight and dryness. In the school students are wear same clothes and study same things. Furthermore, they have a same dream that called University.
I want to go adventure that for the lost things, with people who live in a gray city.
for this I researched about Paul’s Miraculous Adventures, Wonderful adventure of Nils, The New Adventures Of Pippi Longstocking, Peterpan, Momo Roald Amundsen’s South Pole Expedition (1910~1912). The Wizard of OZ.
In this project I will follow the Momo’s stroy.
so This collection gonna be minimal but it will be contain various of coulour. I will bring shape from South Pole Expedition.
I will design minimal and it will be have a big shape
Techniques and process – Printing on fabric( this is first time to using printing skill so I will try every printing skills as much as I can)- I want to put children’s’ colorful hand painting on fabric
colour and texture and materials. – I will use simple coloured fabrics (white, gray and black )and red, blue green orange yellow colours printing.
I will put colours on inner wear. and outer gonna be simple.
and I will use leather and shiny fabrics and I will try to use fur if it matched with my design
Markets -20 to 35. I really like Juun.J and J.W Anderson and Celin. simple but have a wit.
I really like strong women. my design is for women who want to be see strong, chic and cynical. I like unisexual design.


First, you need to read slides to understand basic background of baseball and recruits in Dominican Academy. It is very important to read slides and understand what are we going to talk about!
Second, there are two films you really need to watch. You will talk about those two movies in the essay. Links are here:

(You really have to watch this two films, both of them are need to be purchased on youtube,
There’s really only one question here – and that is what can be done to deal with the myriad of problems faced by young Latino men who aspire to play professionally in the United States and who view baseball as “the only way out.” You may be tempted to just use the program I developed for the Mets as your answer – but avoid putting too much emphasis on it. For one thing, it’s a program just one team thus far has been willing to support. For another, the problem peloteros(player) face is far greater than problems with the English language. So, watch the films again, do your own research, and let’s see what kinds of solutions you can offer.
two useful links for you, just check out
You will also do your own research and tell what solution you can offer.

advantages and disadvantages are there in making films which combine local Asian themes and Hollywood-style production values?

advantages and disadvantages are there in making films which combine local Asian themes and Hollywood-style production values?
Your Question is:
What advantages and disadvantages are there in making films which combine local
Asian themes and Hollywood-style production values?
Compare films from TWO countries in your answer.
Your essay should:
• be 3000 words;
be presented in 12-pt font, 1.5-spaced, 2cm margins;
• use an approved referencing style, e.g. MLA, Chicago, Harvard, APA;
• be fully referenced with at least five relevant academic references (books, book
chapters or journal articles) (You can locate scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles by
using the library databases such as Project Muse or Academic Advanced Premier. You
can find these by using the Library’s Multi Search: >Databases>Project Muse, e.g.
You can also put a key word into Multi Search under books and articles, but you need
to be precise in your choice of term, or you’ll get hundreds of irrelevant references.
You may include graphics and website materials, but they will not be counted as
academic references);
 list “Works Cited” at the end of your essay. This should not be a general bibliography
or references, but contain all and only works cited within the essay;
• avoid the use of subheadings (a coherent argument should link components of a short
essay such as this); and
• minimize description of content and story elements – analyse
Be critical with the arguments

Establishing Theme

Establishing Theme
Select a movie from AFI’s 10 Top 10 lists and explain how three cinematic techniques and/or design elements have helped establish a major theme in that film. Note: While you are allowed to choose a film that does not come from the AFI lists, you are strongly encouraged to email your professor to receive approval before doing so.
In 800 to 1200 words
Describe a major theme of the movie you have selected using evidence from the movie itself as well as course resources and other scholarly sources to support your position.
Identify at least three techniques (cinematography, lighting, acting style, or direction) and/or design elements (set design, costuming, or hair and makeup), and explain how these techniques and/or design elements contribute to the establishment of the theme. Reference particular scenes or sequences in your explanations.
State your opinion regarding the mise en scène, including
How the elements work together.
How congruent the design elements are with the theme of the movie.
Whether or not other techniques would be as effective (Explain your reasoning).
Note: Remember that a theme is an overarching idea that recurs throughout the plot of a film. It is the distilled essence of what the film is about, the main design which the specific scenes and actions lead a viewer to understand.
Your paper should be organized around a thesis statement that focuses on how the elements of your chosen feature-length film both establish and maintain one of its major themes.
The link to the list is as follows:

analyse a television show, news show or advertising campaign.

Assignment 2 “Forever”In this 1500 word essay, you are asked to analyse a television show, news show or advertising campaign. Your analysis must include a discussion of its innovation or lack of innovation, the nature of its production techniques, its main or recurring themes, and the underlying social messages (hegemonic values) it conveys; you must also provide an overall evaluation of the show.
 do this essay on a new television series called “Forever”. This show is about a man who cannot die and has lived for 200 years. There are flashbacks throughout out each episode to previous periods. One particular episode found interesting was “The Pugilist Break” an episode in which the plot takes place in the inner city of New York and shows how at times history can repeat can repeat itself. How some things may have changed but the poor are still often at the mercy of the rich at times although of course in this case the community triumphs over the rich land developer unlike the poor immigrants of the past.
try to include a Canadian perspective or reference when possible if relevant.


Genres and Genre Film

Genres and Genre Film
After reviewing the discussion of genre in Chapter 4 of Film: From Watching to Seeing, demonstrate your understanding of one selected genre using a feature-length film.
Note: Several films are listed in Chapter 4 as emblematic of a specific genre. You are allowed to choose a film or genre not mentioned in Chapter 4, but you are strongly encouraged to email your professor to receive approval before doing so.
In 800 to 1200 words:
Explain genre theory and, using Chapter 4 of the text as a reference, thoroughly describe the conventions and attributes of your selected genre.
Identify a feature-length film that fits this genre and provide a basic summary of the movie. As you develop this summary, remember the differences between a film’s story and a film’s plot and how these differences can lead to the inclusion of genre elements.
Interpret at least two genre conventions exhibited in your chosen feature-length film that help classify it in the selected genre. Be sure to provide a specific example of each convention (e.g., a particular scene or plot component).
Provide an example of a third convention from your chosen feature-length film and explain how this convention expands the boundaries of the specified genre.
Your paper should be organized around a thesis statement that focuses on how your chosen feature-length film both aligns with and expands upon your chosen genre.
The paper must be 800 to 1200 words in length (excluding title and reference pages), and formatted according to APA style