Public Relations – A “Media Audit” report, regarding a LOCAL AUSTRALIAN organisation dealing with a public relations issue

 Public Relations – A “Media Audit” report, regarding a LOCAL AUSTRALIAN organisation dealing with a public relations issue RECENTLY , STRICTLY AFTER JANUARY 5, 2015. For instance “Cadbury has announced its bars will be reduced in sizes, but
The assessment description is thoroughly explained under the file attached to the account named “PR Learning Guide”, under the section “Assessment 2: Media Audit” page 10. The instructions are to be followed EXACTLY as per required in the marking criteria High Distinction list on page 13 of the guide.
This report is to be at a bachelor’s degree level, communication student.
attach a sample Media Audit as well, which you can follow as a guide. However in total there needs to be 1000 words all together.
APA referencing is required, as well as in-text referencing. The line spacing needs to be 1.5, and fonts in size 12 Times New Roman.
Please include headings, sub headings, table of contents and graphs for the Media coverage report section. The neater and the most organised, the better!
Please contact me for any additional questions and feel free to communicate with me throughout the whole process.
Please make sure the public relations issue, has happened after January 5th 2015. For example as the case study you can focus on Cadbury, which just announced on Feb 3rd, that they will be reducing their chocolate bars, whereas their prices will remain the same. This has caused an outrage with their customers and as a result the shareholders will also be affected by the issue.
Then for example if you pick this topic, you can search on Asutralian online news websites (e.g. SBS, ABC,,, Sydney morning herald and so on) for any articles which have covered the issue.
Then you will make the list into a table including all the information required (ie Article headline, author, date, URL/website). Next, you will need to find out what each of these online news websites’s circulation number has been in 2014-2015, meaning how many audiences will read the particular paper.
All the above will be shown in graph format as shown in the sample media audit paper.



ASSESSMENT BRIEFING: The focus of this assignment is to draw upon your knowledge of international business to present proposals concerning the effective management of the proposed action to enter into the overseas market or expand operations in the existing overseas market, which you selected in Assessment 1. (Please see the attached)
The first area of the assignment is to specify an appropriate international business strategy that can provide the basis for exploiting the new or existing overseas business market. The second area of the plan is to define the marketing actions and appropriate organisational structure and control systems for implementing a successful entry or expansion into the overseas market, which has been selected.
In the report utilise appropriate academic theories about international business to create frameworks to support your proposals.
REPORT FORMAT: The main body of the report should not exceed a length of10 A4 pages, typed single space, using Arial point 12-type face. You can also attach appendices to the report to provide coverage of information that, because of the report length constraint, could not be included in the main report. There is no limitation on the length of the appendices. The source of all materials included in the report should be accurately referenced using the same referencing format (which is known as the Harvard System) as is utilised in your study guide.
ASSESSMENT CRITERIA: The submitted assignment is required to demonstrate the following:
1. An ability to utilise sources such as the Internet and University library facilities to search, locate and summarise data relevant to the assignment
2. An ability to utilise appropriate theories about international business to create frameworks that can your formulation of an appropriate strategy for the overseas market actions being proposed.
3. Selection of a realistic international business strategy for the chosen organisation.
4. An ability to utilise appropriate theories to create frameworks that can to justify your decisions about the market management actions being proposed
5. Presentation of an appropriate structure and control system for utilisation by the chosen organisation in the selected overseas market.
6. An ability to present a well written, well structured report
7. An ability to critically analyse information, formulate conclusions and exhibit original thought.
The levels of achievement for the assignment are measured by demonstration of:
1. Effective use sources such as the Internet and University library facilities to search, locate and summarise data relevant to the assignment Utilisation of appropriate theories about international business to create frameworks that can your formulation of an appropriate overseas market entry strategy for the chosen organisation Proposing a realistic overseas market strategy for the chosen organisation Use of appropriate theories to create frameworks that can to justify your decisions about the market management actions to be utilised
2. Presentation of an appropriate structure and control system for utilisation in the chosen organisation 3. Submission of a well written, well structured report
4. Evidence of critically analysis of information, formulation of conclusions and exhibiting original thought.


Evaluate the effectiveness of social media on brand awareness of cosmetics products

Evaluate the effectiveness of social media on brand awareness of cosmetics products
“Can Social Media have an effect on Brand Awareness of Cosmetic Products?
: Case Study: Rejuvel skin cream
“Key words:
– Social Media
– Brand Awareness
Secondary Research Problem;
– Evaluating the Importance of brand awareness to the growth of a company

Marketing research on obesity

Marketing research on obesity
section 1 of the assignment already been written, please make up a questioner
Section 2 and 3
Qualitative Primary Data Collection
This part of the assignment requires you to plan and execute some exploratory primary research. This will investigate some of the following:
• the attitudes of current students in the age range 19-30 to managing weight at university
• current student behaviour around diet, exercise, how they view weight and food intake
• student perceptions of their own weight and that of family members or friends
• how and why some students may experience weight issues or problems when they come to study at a university and are away from home for the first time.
For the primary research, there are two parts to the assignment.
Section 2
will be a brief research design. You must adopt a qualitative approach here, and your primary research design needs to be briefly explained. In this, you are expected to demonstrate knowledge of research design, to be able to explain the research process logically and to illustrate a relevant research plan. You need to develop an interview schedule and explain you proposed data collection. The final interview schedule will be placed in an Appendix. You write an in-depth interview guide or schedule. You will then carry out four interviews with FOUR individual DMU students. These respondents may or may not be known to you. All the ‘how to do it’ aspects of this data collection and analysis are covered in class (theory and practice), with practical skills being developed in class workshops.
The word limit for Section 2 is 900 words approximately (this excludes References and Appendices)
Section 3
will be a write up of your findings from the interview data, with a discussion section that links your findings to prior research and a short conclusion. You will need to analyse the qualitative data you have collected using a structured content analysis and coding to identify the key patterns You are advised to audio-record the interviews and prepare word-for-word transcripts. These will help you to select the quotes from the interviews to illustrate key points in your commentary. In the discussion, some comparison of the patterns in the interviews with those noted from previous secondary research is required. Finally, based on your findings, in the conclusion, you need to a) briefly identify the most significant findings from your research and b) make suggestions on what the Obesity Centre might include in their April 2015 plan
The word limit for Section 3 is 1,500 words (this excluded References and Appendices)
1.3 Key Guidelines on Reports
• The word count for each of your written reports (Section 1, 2 and 3) excludes the list of references and appendices. Please note also that anyone ignoring the word limit for either part of this assignment may be penalized.
• The analyses needs to be coherent, with clear, logical explanation and reasoned commentary. The analysis of the findings of the primary data needs to be well-developed and thorough, and not just descriptive and superficial. Guidance will be offered on qualitative data analysis in class. The format of the reports will also be commented upon further in class. However, each report should include:
o Short Executive Summary (No more than 100 words);
o Title Page;
o List of Contents;
o Main Findings;
o Discussion/Conclusion (no more than 300 words);
o References and Appendices.
• Each report should be in 12 point Times Roman, Arial or Calibri font. Clearly expressed points in English, careful punctuation and appropriate use of paragraphs will be appreciated, and will help you improve your work.
• A full list of references of all sources (whether academic or industry-based) must appear at the end of each part of your assignment. Please follow the Harvard referencing pro-forma on Blackboard and the current Guide (fourth edition). Sources must also be indicated clearly in the main text, as they arise. You must not copy material directly from any source word for word without acknowledgement, and neither must you paraphrase material from any source (academic or business) without acknowledgment. To do so is ‘plagiarism’, which is a serious academic offence. Very important: these reports (assignments part 1 and 2) must be entirely your own work and no-one else’s.
• In each report, you should use no more than three appendices in one report. Materials that appear in the appendices must be referred to and commented upon in the main text. Details on some possible appendices will be commented upon in class.
please follow key guidelines carefully, and go through the assignment brief carefully.

Personal Marketing Plan

Personal Marketing Plan
Develop your own personal marketing plan. If you do this correctly, you will be able to use this to market yourself into the job you want in order to reach the vision you have for your life.
When developing your Personal Marketing Plan be sure to include goals and strategies about how you are going to address the personal weaknesses you identified in your Brand Me Questions. Your personal weaknesses need to be addressed just as you would address a businesses’ weaknesses in a business marketing plan.

Marketing Research

Marketing Research
You are interviewing for a position of Marketing Researcher with a large electronics firm in a highly competitive market that has always purchased their research efforts from consulting firms in the past. If you are to secure the position, you must impress them with your knowledge of the research processes. Focus your discussion on your understanding of sampling design and procedures, plus the statistical considerations that must be evaluated when selecting the design process. Explain how you would prepare the data and how you would select from among the various analytic techniques that are statistically available. To help them realize your understanding of these methods, use examples of the various types of research that might apply to each analytic approach.

Marketing Principles

Marketing Principles
Forum 5.1
Question the Forum
• We might think that companies, in situations where the economy is not healthy, could stop the development of new products. However, it has been found that this is not practical. Why is it important for companies to continue to develop new products despite the economic indices are generally unfavorable?

marketing communications and advertising planning

marketing communications and advertising planning
Element 1.1
Develop an essay plan for a 1500 word essay to address the following topic:
• Advertising and communications campaigns are always more successful when emotional appeals are used. Discuss in relation to selected elements of the communications mix (e.g., advertising, sales promotion, mobile marketing) using examples to support your argument.
Your one-page plan should include a summary of your main argument and should also include five academic journal article references, properly listed in Harvard style. Include in your plan an introductory statement of 300 words which should include at least two in-text citations. Element 1.1 to be submitted in class, 13 November 2014.
Please note that five academic journal article references should be from reputable jornals such as the Journal of Advertising Research or the Journal of Marketing Communications and can be found in the “Databases” on iCat: ABIInform or Business Source Premier.
It is also worth thinking about how you want to focus your essay- at the moment the title is very general, but I have encouraged you to focus in more specifically on something that interests you- e.g., emotional appeals such as humour or sex appeals.


Marketing Principles

Marketing Principles
Task 4.2
Marketing Plan II
Make a questionnaire for the target market of the product you selected for your marketing plan in the previous task, in order to understand the needs of your target customers. Perform the following steps:
1. Create a questionnaire. This should be aimed at obtaining information on the demographics of the sample, tastes, preferences and spending habits of the target market.
2. Your questionnaire should have 20 questions.
3. Submit the questionnaire to a sample of at least 10 individuals in your target market (10 points for each interview, whether each respondent complete the 20 questions in the questionnaire).
4. After collecting the data, files a statement of the results include:
• tabulation of data
• Analysis of data
• Interpretation of findings
• conclusions
5. Save the document in MS-Word format.


Please first read the Wall Street Journal article(Palladium, Platinum’s Cheaper Sister, Makes a Bid for Love)
After reading the article, please answer the following two questions. Only high-quality work will be graded.
1. What are the key dimensions for evaluating precious metals used in jewelry?
2. What happens to the perceptual map of precious metals when price is introduced as a third dimension? In other words, when we create a value map, what changes take place to the relative positions of platinum and palladium?