Public Relations – A “Media Audit” report, regarding a LOCAL AUSTRALIAN organisation dealing with a public relations issue

 Public Relations – A “Media Audit” report, regarding a LOCAL AUSTRALIAN organisation dealing with a public relations issue RECENTLY , STRICTLY AFTER JANUARY 5, 2015. For instance “Cadbury has announced its bars will be reduced in sizes, but The assessment description is thoroughly explained under the file attached to the account named “PR Learning Guide”, … Read more


OVERSEAS MARKET ENTRY ACTIONS ASSESSMENT BRIEFING: The focus of this assignment is to draw upon your knowledge of international business to present proposals concerning the effective management of the proposed action to enter into the overseas market or expand operations in the existing overseas market, which you selected in Assessment 1. (Please see the attached) … Read more

Marketing research on obesity

Marketing research on obesity section 1 of the assignment already been written, please make up a questioner Section 2 and 3 Qualitative Primary Data Collection This part of the assignment requires you to plan and execute some exploratory primary research. This will investigate some of the following: • the attitudes of current students in the … Read more

Personal Marketing Plan

Personal Marketing Plan Develop your own personal marketing plan. If you do this correctly, you will be able to use this to market yourself into the job you want in order to reach the vision you have for your life. When developing your Personal Marketing Plan be sure to include goals and strategies about how … Read more

Marketing Research

Marketing Research You are interviewing for a position of Marketing Researcher with a large electronics firm in a highly competitive market that has always purchased their research efforts from consulting firms in the past. If you are to secure the position, you must impress them with your knowledge of the research processes. Focus your discussion … Read more

Marketing Principles

Marketing Principles Forum 5.1 Question the Forum • We might think that companies, in situations where the economy is not healthy, could stop the development of new products. However, it has been found that this is not practical. Why is it important for companies to continue to develop new products despite the economic indices are … Read more

marketing communications and advertising planning

marketing communications and advertising planning Element 1.1 Develop an essay plan for a 1500 word essay to address the following topic: • Advertising and communications campaigns are always more successful when emotional appeals are used. Discuss in relation to selected elements of the communications mix (e.g., advertising, sales promotion, mobile marketing) using examples to support … Read more

Marketing Principles

Marketing Principles Task 4.2 Marketing Plan II Instructions Make a questionnaire for the target market of the product you selected for your marketing plan in the previous task, in order to understand the needs of your target customers. Perform the following steps: 1. Create a questionnaire. This should be aimed at obtaining information on the … Read more


Marketing Please first read the Wall Street Journal article(Palladium, Platinum’s Cheaper Sister, Makes a Bid for Love) After reading the article, please answer the following two questions. Only high-quality work will be graded. 1. What are the key dimensions for evaluating precious metals used in jewelry? 2. What happens to the perceptual map of precious … Read more