Rise of American Consumerism and Advertising as a Result of the Industrial Revolution During the Guilded Age (1877-1920)

The final draft must have a thesis, argument, and conclusion. The paper must engage in original historical research and present an argument based on historical evidence and make conclusions based on your argument. Must cover the social, cultural, intellectual history of the United States 1877-1920. You must use both primary and secondary sources.

Should discuss topics of how the industrial revolution, technology advancement such as the assembly line, urban growth, immigration led to the rise of big businesses. As a result advertising was born for marketing mass produced goods. America became a consuming nation. Using consumers fears to promote product as well as trademark laws and brand loyalty. When truth unveiled about how products were made, like in Sinclairs `The Jungle` against Philip Armor and the meatpacking industry led to the Pure food and drug act for sanitation and truth in advertising.

How does an unexpected economic crisis affect the marketing budget?-Research Paper

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must use “real-world examples”.Must use at least 5 credible sources. No wikipedia or other non-credible resources. Must include a bibliography.bibliography in proper MLA format.Must use terminology in the marketing .must be in proper grammatical style,spelling punctuationand proof read.free of errors.