Population and Sampling Distribution Excel Worksheet

Population and Sampling Distribution Excel Worksheet Details: Refer to “Visual Learner: Statistics” for examples to help complete the problems in the attached worksheet. Also, to aide in the Excel calculations, view the appropriate section of the Excel tutorials. Answer each question completely in the Excel worksheet provided.  


Statistics See the attached. There need not be any references. The responses in MS Word, and the R component submitted in an R file. Attempt the question for extra credit, and Problem 4 (Gov. 2000e Only) need not to be done.  

Econometric Project

Econometric Project The data set must contain a minimum of 3 variables, (one dependent variable and at least 2 right hand side variables to be added to a constant term). You should concentrate on estimating a multiple (rather than simple) regression model. You should have a minimum of 50 observations in your regressions. Anything less … Read more

check assignment sheet

check assignment sheet 1. The aim of this 5-7 page paper is to present the data you have obtained, explain the econometric methods you intend to use in testing your hypothesis and present the preliminary results 2. Even though, the introduction and literature review will not be regarded, include it in your paper, so as … Read more

Syntax Homework

Syntax Homework This is the assignment homework you do not have to give the resources, Assignment Instructions Syntax Homework Part I. Consider the following set of phrase structure rules: • 1. NP ⇒ (Det) N (PP) • 2. PP ⇒ P NP 1. Rule 1 actually subsumes four different phrase structure rules. What are they? … Read more

assessment procedures

assessment procedures Develop a matrix or chart that explains various assessment tools used to determine whether a student has LD. Include RTI as one method of assessment. You may also include specific IQ tests, academic achievement tests, surveys, and behavior rating scales. Include the appropriate age group for the assessment, what the assessment measures, and … Read more

meteorology intermediate math skills

meteorology intermediate math skills Please do the intermediate math skills for meteorology class. Questions are in the file  uploaded.  It is just 5 questions on each chapter.

Qualitative Data Analysis

Qualitative Data Analysis-use a thematic analysis to analyze data and produce a 4-page write-up on the results and discussion of this analysis. In this assignment you will be analyzing four interviews that you find on the question “What is the future of In this assignment, there are three steps and each of them has very … Read more

MBA executive / MBA studies – why is it important for the value of MBA qualification to have previous management experience?

MBA executive / MBA studies – why is it important for the value of MBA qualification to have previous management experience? University level – so academic – with peer-viewed articles!!! Key aspects and task – academic reflection: • MBA studies – get familiar with the topic • Read instructor statement/view on MBA studies o Answer … Read more