Population and Sampling Distribution Excel Worksheet

Population and Sampling Distribution Excel Worksheet
Refer to “Visual Learner: Statistics” for examples to help complete the problems in the attached worksheet. Also, to aide in the Excel calculations, view the appropriate section of the Excel tutorials. Answer each question completely in the Excel worksheet provided.



See the attached. There need not be any references. The responses in MS Word, and the R component submitted in an R file. Attempt the question for extra credit, and Problem 4 (Gov. 2000e Only) need not to be done.


Econometric Project

Econometric Project
The data set must contain a minimum of 3 variables, (one dependent
variable and at least 2 right hand side variables to be added to a constant
term). You should concentrate on estimating a multiple (rather than simple)
regression model.
You should have a minimum of 50 observations in your regressions.
Anything less will be penalised heavily.
The model should be a causal one, (ie the right hand side variables should
explain the dependent variable, not the other way round). This also means, for
example, that you should not estimate identities like a national accounts
model of the form Y=C+I+G+(X-M). This is an accounting identity and so the
coefficients shouldn’t be anything other than one, barring measurement error).
The econometric results should include a thorough statistical evaluation using
the full range of (relevant) diagnostic tests highlighted during the course. Do
not use tests just for the sake of it. There are no marks to be gained by doing
countless irrelevant tests. Only use tests that are relevant to the type of data
and economic relationship you are trying to estimate. (For the purposes of the
project assume that a sample of 50 or more observations is enough to make
any asymptotic tests valid).

check assignment sheet

check assignment sheet
1. The aim of this 5-7 page paper is to present the data you have obtained, explain the econometric methods you intend to use in testing your hypothesis and present the preliminary results
2. Even though, the introduction and literature review will not be regarded, include it in your paper, so as to have a good understanding of you topic.
3. Some advice regarding the data and empirics: i. Include descriptive statistics of your variables: means, std. deviations, min/max, number of observations Interpret the numbers- describe your data in the body of your paper. Make sure units are clear to the reader. Talk about an average observation as well as about outliers. ii. Make sure that the units of observation are clear to the reader and the sample selection is well explained. iii. Provide as much evidence from the data as possible – even if it doesn’t support your hypothesis. iv. For clarity, put your tables at the end of the paper. v. Discuss differences of means. I.e. if your theory is that FDI into countries with capital export controls is lower, tell us the average FDI (scaled appropriately) into countries with and without such controls. If your theory is that repeat customers tip better, tell us the average tip for repeat customers versus first-time visitors. vi. Explain why the simple differences-of-means, or simple OLS regressions, might be biased, i.e. why another empirical approach is more suitable in your case. Describe your empirical model. State the equation(s) clearly and list all the variables you are planning to include. If you are planning on testing different models, describe it clearly. Motivate your planned empirical approach using the theory as much as possible.
4. Some advice regarding the data and empirics: i. Tables should be self-contained to the extent possible and make sure names of the variables and units of measurement are clear to the reader. ii. Present the basics first (differences of means, OLS, etc.). Then explain why the simple correlations might be biased before you try anything fancier (fixed effects, 2SLS, FGLS etc.). iii. Discuss your results in the context of the theory and other empirical papers on the same topic. REMEMBER: Before you get involved in the actual regression analysis, first present evidence from the data itself that support your claim/hypothesis.
5.If you are planning on using panel data methods, at this point ignore it and run an ols regression ignoring panel structure of your data. Same if you are using probit/logit model on binary data or Tobit model on censored data. If you are planning on using multivariate probit or logit model, you don’t have to present any preliminary results at this point.

Syntax Homework

Syntax Homework
This is the assignment homework you do not have to give the resources,
Assignment Instructions
Syntax Homework
Part I. Consider the following set of phrase structure rules:
• 1. NP ⇒ (Det) N (PP)
• 2. PP ⇒ P NP
1. Rule 1 actually subsumes four different phrase structure rules. What are they?
2. Draw trees for two different English Noun Phrases that this set of rules generates. Be explicit and make sure you follow these rules exactly.
3. Using X-bar notation, state what rule(s) you would need to replace the rule in 1, so that ternary branching is avoided.
4. Is the above set of rules recursive? Show why or why not.
Part II. Consider the following set of English sentences:
• 1. Students should read the chapter.
• 2. Should students read the chapter?
Assume the sentences in 1–3 are derived from the same underlying sentence structure, as in sentence 1, through movement transformations. Remember, heads move to head positions and phrases move to phrasal positions.
1. Identify what element(s) must have moved in sentences 2 and 3.
2. For each element identified, decide whether you think it is a phrase or a head.
3. Assume that there is one (functional) projection above IP — call it CP — and show how the sentences in 2 and 3 make use of the extra positions afforded by the CP projection.


assessment procedures

assessment procedures
Develop a matrix or chart that explains various assessment tools used to determine whether a student has LD.
Include RTI as one method of assessment. You may also include specific IQ tests, academic achievement tests, surveys, and behavior rating scales.
Include the appropriate age group for the assessment, what the assessment measures, and how it can be used to determine eligibility.
Discuss who is responsible for the assessment.
In an essay of 500-750-words, discuss how the information obtained from these particular assessments helps educators and related service personnel make eligibility determinations, educational, and programming decisions for students with LD.
Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style, located on the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.
You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.

meteorology intermediate math skills

meteorology intermediate math skills
Please do the intermediate math skills for meteorology class.
Questions are in the file  uploaded.  It is just 5 questions on each chapter.

Qualitative Data Analysis

Qualitative Data Analysis-use a thematic analysis to analyze data and produce a 4-page write-up on the results and discussion of this analysis. In this assignment you will be analyzing four interviews that you find on the question “What is the future of
In this assignment, there are three steps and each of them has very specific requirement. For example, in data analysis step 2, a reliability analysis is also required. Please go through every detail and make sure every requirement of the assignment is achieved.
Because this assignment includes coding software, some document is for you to get a better understanding of this tool.
The references needs to be properly quoted if cited from the video as indicated in the assignment.

MBA executive / MBA studies – why is it important for the value of MBA qualification to have previous management experience?

MBA executive / MBA studies – why is it important for the value of MBA qualification to have previous management experience?

University level – so academic – with peer-viewed articles!!!
Key aspects and task – academic reflection:
• MBA studies – get familiar with the topic
• Read instructor statement/view on MBA studies
o Answer and discuss: Why is it important for the value of MBA qualification to have previous management experience? (one paragraph)
o Put yourself in the situation of a student – discuss from this perspective (one paragraph)
o Put yourself in the position of a HR manager who wants to hire a manager, having the choice between manager with and without MBA (one paragraph)
I expect a 300-word response. Stay academic on high level (university!). Use 3- to 5-peer viewed articles supporting your argumentation – check attached ones, you find enough for your discussion.

Factor analysis: reduction, rotation, correlation matrix with interpretation the results

Factor analysis: reduction, rotation, correlation matrix with interpretation the results

you have to do the following :
Factor analysis which include: reduction, rotation, correlation matrix and scree plot for each components separately : cause of conflict 39 items, conflict style 27 items, conflict consequences 21 items, with interpretation the results