National Vital Statistics Death Preliminary- Research paper  

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1. Complete the Research Cesarean Section Trend Case Study

and submit via this icon.

2. Graphical representation(s) must contain required information to be considered complete. Please refer to your textbook for required information as per our previous reading(s).

3. Be creative and show your personal style.

*I did graphical in Word file. You can see it. I use page 20 in pdf.

*Please write 1.5 pages for good and bad things between 2010 and 2011 for each state.


Assignment 2 – Excel Spreadsheet: Statistics-Coursework

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Week 2 Assignment 2
CPC Charting assignment
Take a look at the average cost per click (CPC) in search in various categories in the U.S. for June 2009, compared to the prior month.
Data and research are provided by Efficient Frontier.

U.S. Average Search CPC by Category, May and June 2009
Category CPC June ($) CPC May ($) Change (%)
Automotive 0.49 0.47 4
Finance 1.55 1.52 2
Retail 0.40 0.40 0
Travel 0.56 0.56 0
Source: Search Engine Watch
Assignment using Excel:
1. Show data for June in an appropriate chart.
2. Show data for both May and June in an appropriate chart.
3. Explain your reasons for your choice of charts.
Part 2
Work the following problems
1. 4.13
2. 4.31
3. 4.61
By Week 2, Day 4, Wednesday, complete the assignment in one Excel workbook with a separate worksheet for each problem and place in the Dropbox for this assignment.
Partial credit will be given at the discretion of the professor.
Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Part 1: Developed an appropriate chart for the June data. 10
Part 1: Developed an appropriate chart to show both the May and June data. 10
Part 1: Supported selection of the types of charts used. 10
Part 2: Correctly solved problem 4.13 10
Part 2: Correctly solved problem 4.31 10
Part 2: Correctly solved problem 4.61 10
Used correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary. Cited all sources using the correct APA style. 5

Total: 65

Problem 4:13
Xr04-13 To determine whether changing the color of its invoices would improve the speed of payment, a company selected 200 customers at random and sent their invoices on blue paper. The number of days until the bills are paid was recorded. Calculate the mean and median of these data. Report what you discovered.
Problem 4:31
Xr04-31 There has been much media coverage of the high cost of medicinal drugs in the United States. One concern is the large variation from pharmacy to pharmacy. To investigate, a consumer advocacy group took a random sample of 100 pharmacies around the country and recorded the price (in dollars per 100 pills) of Prozac. Compute the range, variance, and standard deviation of the prices. Discuss what these statistics tell you.
Problem 4:61
(American National Election Survey Exercises)
ANES2008* Draw a box plot of the education level of both married spouses (EDUC) and SPEDUC). Describe your findings.


Financial modeling -Essay

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I have finished question 1 to 3, 4 is just a description, I will do it myself and will not impact rest 2 questions. I need you to finish 5th and 6th based on my results.

The Excel file I uploaded also contains half of my work about question 5th and 6th. f you feel they are helpless, ignore them.


M&M Project Report -Essay

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Use attached excel spreadsheet.
Highlighted in Orange are problem areas that should be addressed in your paper.

Imagine you are a quality control manager at the Masterfoods plant. Write a two to three (2?3) page report on all the parts of the project. Structure your paper using the following headers:
? Introduction: Purpose of Report
? Project Part 1: Sampling Method
? Project Part 2: Method, Analysis, Results
? Project Part 3: Method, Analysis, Results
? Project Part 4: Method, Analysis, Results
? Project Part 5: Method, Analysis, Results
? Quality Control: Assume that at least one of the tests from Part 4 was rejected (proportion not equal to targeted amount set by Masterfoods). Discuss how you would investigate the operations of the plant to determine why the proportions were off the targeted values. Speculate on three or more possible conditions in plant and bagging process that could have caused the observed results.
? Conclusion
You should explain what was done as well as the results. Tables can be used to present results and information. Your audience is a supervisor or manager who is unfamiliar with this project and may or may not be familiar with statistical terms. As a result, you will either need to explain/define statistical terms or write them in a way that a layman can understand. You will be graded on the following criteria:
1. Present the methods, analysis, and results for the five parts of the project. See above Project Parts 1 through 5.
2. Explain how to investigate unexpected results (failed test(s) in Part 4) and speculate on at least three plausible causes for the observed results.
3. Clarity in explaining all statistical terminology in every-day language.
4. Use at least two (2) quality resources in this assignment.


Confidence intervals -Coursework

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Confidence intervals are used to help you get a better feel for your estimated value. Confidence intervals are like nets. You don’t know what the TRUE proportion value is so you throw a net (find a confidence interval based upon a survey). The confidence level indicates the percentage of times your net would "catch" the true population value. Alpha (which is 1 minus the confidence level), then indicates the percentage of times the net would NOT "catch" the true population value. When you are creating a 90% Confidence interval, what you are saying is that 90% of the time, the interval you find will contain the true parameter value. A 95% Confidence interval says that 95% of the time, the interval will contain the true parameter value.

There is a relationship between the size or width of the interval and the confidence level chosen. The higher the confidence, the wider the interval will be, because you want to be sure to include the true value more of the time.

Go to the following website and check out the applet there: This applet lets you visually see 95% and 99% Confidence intervals as they are simulated. It also keeps track of the number of intervals which did not contain the mean, so you can easily compare it to the confidence level. The orange lines are 95% CIs that include the true mean. The blue tips indicate the width of the 99% CIs that include the true mean. Red lines are 95% CIs that did NOT include the true mean and the white lines are 99% CIs that did NOT include the true mean.

With this applet, the TRUE population value is known and they are counting how many of the confidence intervals based on randomly generated samples "catch" the true value.

Simulate at least 5000 intervals and note the proportion that contained the mean. Note how the proportions correspond to the confidence levels. What you should observe is that the percentage that do not contain the mean will be VERY close to the alpha value.
•Report your findings.
•Explain how this helped broaden your understanding of confidence levels.
•Identify what was easy and what was challenging about this applet.


Quanitataive research using SPSS


Please use the SPSS software.

To be able to see this assignment ( M1 A2) thw writer has to log on to : password: HindBdour2007


Statistics- Data Displays and Uses in Decision Making

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o How were measures of central tendency used in the study? Did the study use the most
appropriate measure of central tendency for the given data? Why or why not?

o How were measures of variation used in the study? What conclusions can you draw
based on the variation?

o Compare the measurements in the study with the standard normal distribution, what does
this tell you about the data?

o Based on your review of the statistics in the study, do you agree with the study’s
conclusions? Why or why not?