Marine compounds with anti-bacterial activities- Research Paper

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This is a Literature Review paper (couldn’t find it on the type of document )


-Physiological Review of Medical Condition for Which Treatment is Essential

-Drug Pharmacological Properties

– Pharmacokinetic Review

– Pharmacodynamic Review

– Merits and Demerits of Drug Agent

-Comment on Future Developments

-Overall Insight, Evaluation and Comparison to Relevant Scientific Fundamentals for Critical Review of 2-3 Specific Resources


Length of Review (within 13-15 page limit)
Quality and Content of Discussion and selected items for review within realm of assigned sub-topics (as above)
Completion and Format of Table of Contents, List of Figures and Tables, Appendices

Appendices Reminders:
• Proper labelling such as titles and units includes
• Appendices appear in the order they are mentioned in the Review and are referenced in the body of the text.
• Utilized for non-essential data or figures. To include all appropriate labels such as axis labels, scale, units, sig. figs. etc.

• Relevant and recent literature choices
• Quality of resources selected to produce an effective review
• Proper citation style

Tables & Figures
• Choice of relevant tables or figures to illustrate or explain concepts
• Correct location of tables and figures in the text
• Proper labelling of tables and figures (titles, axes labels, scale, units, sig. figs. etc.)

Deductions For :
· Punctuation errors.
· Spelling/wording/grammatical error.
· Sentence error.
· Missing items or errors in table of contents, list of figures or tables
· Missing items or errors in list of tables, figures or appendices


Malaria Intervention -Essay

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in the remote villages in Infectiousia Province of Africa, there is a major outbreak of malaria in the past two months. You are dispatched by a delegate from US to ultimately determine the causes for the outbreaks and identify possible intervention methods. You were selected because of your epidemiology background. The head of the delegate asks you to focus on TWO SPECIFIC objectives FOR INTERVENTION METHOD and present a report on how you will conduct the investigation.
Outbreak Investigation of Infectious Diseases
1. Clearly define your objective. Please select two.
2. Develop a case definition. Please remember that the villages that had outbreaks are located in remote areas, on-site test can only be done for malaria. You want to classify your cases into suspected, probable and confirmed cases.
3.Design a Case Report Form that you believe is crucial to your objective(s). Please remember that the first thing you want to do is to characterize the outbreak by person, place, and time, and should meet your objectives. Your Case Report Form should be designed to meet these requirements.
4. Suggest specific epidemiological method(s) that you plan to use. Provide a justification for the proposed methods. Does your suggested method have any limitations? If so, please state the possible limitations. What complementary methods or approaches would you suggest to overcome these limitations?
5. Also use one resource which is from RECENT case-study reported form from malaria and how they used intervention. Your objectives must be different from the objective of the case-study reported form.
6. Avoid using repetative words/ideas. Please keep the format simple and easy for the reader to follow along with the objectives. You may start with a descriptive introduction of malaria, how it spreads, where it originates, how many and where people are contaminated, etc.


Studies on the SRY, SOX9, novel genes in mammalian Sex Determination -Essay

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The title is not confirmed yet, but it will be arround this topic. I will attached the plan of the literature review to let writer have a look.
Hi, my name is Cherie. I am studying master of biomedical science this year. I have no experience to do the literature review.Hopefully we can finish it together. The deadline is end of March and About 18 pages excluding reference section. I have some requirement for my writer, I hope you don’t mind,because i want to get good result. 1)Would you mind to tell me you are graduate in this area or not, such as Biomedical science. It is because I want the writer can discuss the information with me about the review. 2) I want you send me some of your writing( literature review) every week even you haven’t finish your review. It is because we can discuus and make sure you are not writing wrong information in each part. 3) After this literature review, I hope you can help me to finish my thesis(material, method and result part etc) It is because this is whole year project, I want my writer can follow my case. If you can do it all, it will be great, and I will attached the requirement of this literature review, the past student literature review about this topic, some resources or reference list about this topic to you. Again, thanks for your help.

Dear Writer,

Can you please research my SOX9 gene first and start to write the review.
I want to recieved some of your writing of the review every week,even you are not finish.

Can you give me some writing on 14th Feb 2013.And we can start to discuss it.
I hope you can write some basis information first, such as SRY gene, SOx9 gene, some of the details is in the attachment.

If you need any additional information, just contact me, but not by phone because i am in overseas now.
you can just place your message in here and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your help.


Medical Microbiology -Essay

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for Clinical and Public Health Microbiology, it is one essay contain three topic as bellow (1,2,3), each topic should contain the same number of word and each one should contain introduction and discussion of the title and conclusion, the references I want them from up to date journals and medical microbiology books, the topic are
Discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of using enzyme immunoassays and immunoblots for the diagnosis of infectious disease. Use examples to illustrate your answer.

Compare the food poisoning caused by Bacillus cereus and Clostridium perfringens and comment of ways of preventing such food poisoning.

Compare and contrast the indicator organisms used to assess water quality for both drinking and bathing – discussing definitions, tests used and acceptable levels.
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The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka-Essay

Do an analysis on the Metamorphosis answering the following questions: How does Gregor remind you of how broken and/or sick people are treated in society – aids patients/old people/cancer patients/drug addicts/homeless/that strange boy in grade school who eats crayons. How does his family treat him like a sick person? Use examples from the text with quotes and work-cited page. 3-5 pages.
“Once again you must use quotes and a work-cited page.”

New advances in medicine/treatment-Essay

new advances in medicine/treatment for certain diseases or anything as long as it is scientific and has credible scholar references.

I need 6 references in this paper. Also, make sure you reference your source throughout the paper whenever you use the sources information. Please make this paper as if a Senior in college wrote it.