Regulation and Accreditation

Regulation and Accreditation State regulations regarding schools of nursing and accreditation standards are two external factors that influence curriculum development. It is important for nurse educators to be informed of these regulations and standards so that they may develop a curriculum that will meet the requirements. For this assignment: Write a 3- to 4-page paper … Read more

Clinical research and Evidenced-Based Practice

Clinical research and Evidenced-Based Practice Using the Online Library find research articles on clinical research and EBP. Discussion Question 1 Based on your research and understanding of the topic, answer the following question: •How does a Home health care agency incorporate EBP in a clinical setting to promote patient outcomes? Do you have recommendations on … Read more

Stroke Rehabilatition Assignment 3

Stroke Rehabilatition Assignment 3 To successfully complete assignment 3, students will:  1 Select their own sub-acute or chronic topic of interest, or select one from the scenarios below  2 Create an on-line, educational package of information and resources that is presented as an individual journal. The package should take around 30 minutes for your audience … Read more

Epidemiology-Surveillance and Screening

 Epidemiology-Surveillance and Screening  Epidemiology  Discussion Topic 1: Comparing Screening and Surveillance  Screening for a disease and disease surveillance can involve similar activities, but each one has a different focus. What do you see as the essential difference? Provide an example of 1) an Australian screening program and 2) Australian disease surveillance program (including references) and … Read more

Capstone Project Part 3

Capstone Project Part 3   Consider the population in which the solution is intended, the staff that will participate, and the key contributors that must provide approval and/or support for your project to be implemented. These stakeholders are considered your audience.  Develop an implementation plan (1,500-2,000 words) using the “Topic 3: Checklist” resource. The elements … Read more

Clinical practice improvement paper

 Clinical practice improvement paper   This assignment builds on the work that already attatched . You will be provided with:  ? a CPI template that they must type their CPI paper into.  You will be required to use the library databases to locate a minimum of eight (8) secondary literature sources that closely relate to … Read more

Legal and Ethical Implications of Health Information

Legal and Ethical Implications of Health Information  Discussion Topic: Identify two major threats to patient confidentiality and discuss policies or strategies that you propose for protecting confidentiality against these threats. You may propose your own solution or strategy, or you may discuss existing policies or strategies that seem most effective to you. References  • Hoyt, … Read more

Public-Health Informatics

 Public-Health Informatics contribute your personal reactions, reflections, responses, comments, examples, and analyses about the assigned topic. please respond to each student for example student one ….. student 2…. ( the instruction focused in the grammar). Student 1: Numerous opportunities are available to facilitate public health informatics’ impact on public health surveillance (Bailey, Hoyt & Yoshihasi, … Read more

strategic plan

strategic plan write 1 to 5 year strategic plan for the Director of Nursing, Risk Manager at John Hopkins hospital. write one page point about the strengths and weaknesses in the John Hopkins hospital as risk manager your paper will be about strengths and weaknesses in the JH as a risk manager you can write … Read more

Capstone Rough draft

Capstone Rough draft You may feel at this point a bit like the mythological Sisyphus- trying to push a gigantic boulder up a steep hill! Yes, you’ve started writing. Many late nights of writing await you when you come home from your busy days at work. Yet, the writing continues, because you know that in … Read more