Investigation and Analysis

Investigation and Analysis
For this, you will provide a 300-600 word answer to a statistics question:
A psychologist has tested the concept of “state-dependent learning” from cognitive psychology. This concept is based upon Tulving’s (1973) Encoding Specificity Principle, which states that information is encoded more optimally when it is recalled in the same environment (i.e., internal state and/or physical place) that is was remembered in. Godden and Baddeley (1975) found that when deep-sea divers were asked to remember information – either on land or underwater – the highest recall performance occurred when the environment and recall setting matched.
The psychologist is interested in a new way of helping students revise. She asked three different groups of students to learn facts about statistics as applied to psychology in three different environments: (a) their home, (b) a classroom, and (c) an exam hall. She then measured their rate of error (a score ranging from 0 to 2, with 2 being high) on questions for all groups in the exam hall. Based on the literature, she suspected that more similar he learning environment is to the recall environment (i.e., the exam hall), the fewer errors the students will make.
What impact do the different learning environments have on the error rate? Analyse the below data (using SPSS) and present a brief report outlining your findings. All SPSS output should be included in an appendix.
Attached the below data set as an Excel document so that it is easier for you when it comes to inputting the data into SPSS.
Group Errors
Home 1.36
Home 1.27
Home 1.23
Home 1.41
Home 1.42
Home 1.38
Home 1.17
Home 1.02
Classroom 0.55
Classroom 0.75
Classroom 0.54
Classroom 0.67
Classroom 0.61
exam hall 0.94
exam hall 1.03
exam hall 0.48
exam hall 0.95
exam hall 0.68


1. First and second pages please write an essay about “The contention that same-sex marriage degrades morality and culture is an empirical claim. If so what evidence if any can be used to support or oppose the practice” No more than two pages for this topic please.
2. on the third page, please discuss about
“Is death penalty a morally permissible form of punishment?Justify your perspective.”
3. fourth page, please discuss about
” What is your perspective of the Hayekian view when applied to same-sex marriage Refer to pgs.456-461 to formulate a response” the readings are attached.

The Humanities Confront Violence & Aggression

The Humanities Confront Violence & Aggression
You may have learned more about Westerns this week than you’d care to think about! But, there is a point; it is a distinctly American genre, one the does much to define our country historically and globally, whether we like Westerns or not.
Now that you have some of the conventions and themes of the Western genre in mind, can you think of a fictional story you’ve encountered that embodies these traits but wasn’t a Western? At the beginning of the lesson I mentioned Star Wars. Many critics believe the story to be partially based on the 1956 Western The Searchers, and many of the conventions and themes are similar to Westerns.
For this discussion, find a novel, TV show or film you have seen that embodies the conventions and themes of the Western, but is not considered part of that genre. Please include a link to a clip or excerpt if possible. You might be surprised at how well ingrained these conventions are in much of the fiction we consume.

To what extent are human beings free?

To what extent are human beings free?
These papers should be 3-5 pages (at least three pages, no more than five), double-spaced, in 12 point Times New Roman font, or whatever the equivalent would be if you are using a program other than Microsoft Word. One other thing I will mention about the papers is that the general structure of the paper should have your thesis statement as the first sentence of the first paragraph. The paragraphs of the body of the paper will expand upon each of the supporting reasons for your thesis statement. What I am looking for first and foremost in these papers is clarity. Please do not worry about any kind of elegant literary style or flourishes. Your thesis statement should be clearly stated, and each one of your reasons should also be clearly stated, and should clearly link up with the main statement. For more on the specifics of this, please consult the paper rubric as well as the Writing to Reason book. your thesis statement should not just be a yes or no answer to the question “To what extent are human beings free?” but should also provide some kind of underlying reason for why you think that is the case, and the statement may also suggest something about how you are approaching the topic, although that is not necessarily essential

Psychoanalytical perspective of Religious Terrorism

Psychoanalytical perspective of Religious Terrorism
Create a thesis statement using this guide sentence: How is it possible that religion has been responsible for some of the most catastrophic acts, in the form of terror operations conducted by religious terrorists?
Then create a sentence outline on how the actual research paper will be layed out. I have provided at the bottom here, an example of what not to do, and what to do. Please write the thesis statement first, then the outline. I am attaching 4 sources in the form of annotated bibliography for guidance, please use these, and also 2-4 more of your own, and include in the new bibliography.
Note from the Professor: If you have never done a sentence outline before, please check the resources below. The most important thing about this assignment is that it is demonstrating that you have a clear idea of the purpose of your project and the way you will organize the evidence for your thesis. It is not possible to do this assignment without a real thesis (i.e., a position that is more than a summary of your sources, that represents a perspective on the topic for which you will offer evidence, and that someone could debate with an opposing point of view.) It is also impossible to do this assignment without locating sufficient good sources and knowing what is in them.
A sentence outline requires you to spell out the steps of your paper in enough detail that the reader can tell what your argument is. Please do not confuse this with a topic outline, where you can propose things you want to do without having to spell them out. You can do a topic outline without yet figuring out the details of your paper, since it is very general. It is more of a promise that you will figure out things later, when you have to write your paper. You cannot do a sentence outline unless you already know what you are doing. So don’t try to write your sentence outline until you have figured out your argument and how your sources will help you make it.
The reason  to check your core sources last week is because without good sources you will be unable to make a coherent outline.
Here is an example of the difference between part of a topic outline and a sentence outline, if you were writing an essay arguing that psychoanalysis is useful for interpreting hidden meanings in the Adam and Eve story.
Topic outline: DO NOT DO THIS!
A. Freudian approach to the Adam and Eve story
1. Oedipal complex
a. God
b. Adam
c. Eve
2. The Fall
a. the forbidden fruit
b. the punishment
1. The characters in the are interpreted as symbolic representatives of the characters in the family triangle — father, mother, son.
A. Freudian Psychoanalysis can be used to reveal unconscious conflicts and forbidden desires in religious myths like the Adam and Eve story
a. As the all-powerful authority in the story, God is a symbol of the power of the father in the family.
b. God creates Adam as a being dependent on him, casting Adam in the role of the son in the family
c. Although there is no explicit mother figure in the story, Eve’s role as a mother figure has been repressed and disguised
2. The story of the fall represents on an unconscious level a patriarchal warning about the dangers of violations of the prohibitions of the Oedipal complex.
a. Eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil represents a forbidden relationship between Adam and Eve, symbolic of forbidden Oedipal violations between son and mother.
1. Adam and Eve’s awareness of their nakedness after eating the fruit suggests a physical, sexual aspect to the knowledge
2. Their sense of shame after eating the fruit shows their guilt over a forbidden relationship
b. The punishments from the father-figure God reinforce the idea that the story involves the tensions in the Oedipal complex.
1. Eve’s punishment of pain in childbirth suggests that her sin was sexual in nature
2. Adam’s punishment involves the earth (from which he was created) being cursed, representing the violation that has occurred in the son’s relationship to his “mother.”


Research articles to address the hot topic of ethics within groups in an 8-page research paper. In addition, you will need to address the ethical issues unique to group therapy and how these issues compare to those from individual counseling. Discuss why a therapist would choose group therapy over individual counseling or vice versa. You must use a minimum of 10 empirical articles to support your readings.
For your Ethics Paper, you are required to have at least 10 empirical articles to support your writing. All articles must be empirical, and at least half of them must be recent (2000 or later).


Problem Evaluation and Resolution

Problem Evaluation and Resolution
There are 10 different reflect and critical analysis based questions, which cover your mixed methods, quantitative and qualitative research understanding.

build your own assessment center (AC)

build your own assessment center (AC)
Here is the course work about workplace psychology. You need to read the requirements very carefully. Then answer the all questions. And you need to finish the sheet at the last page.  put the textbook in the share website. You need to read chapter 1 to 7. The all things in it.

Neuropsychology of dreams

Neuropsychology of dreams
Research paper on neuropsychology of dreams.
Use as plan more or less the power point presentation which will be uploaded. The information can be taken from there but more in details. This research should talk about little history of the research on science behind the dreams specially about Aserinsky and Klaitman on discovery of Rem sleep and also Hombson. Then about the brain work during sleep and sleeping stages.
4 sources
could be a useful source :

IB internal assessment

 IB internal assessment
do the IB psychology internal assessment. the topic is on ( a study investigating the effects of categorization on recall, by tulving and pearlstone’s study 1966) follow all directions on the guide paper uploaded. keep language terminology down english is a second language.  sources don’t matter use as much as you like