final three sections of the research report, the Method, Results and the Discussion sections.

final three sections of the research report, the Method, Results and the Discussion sections. RESULTS OF THE STUDY ARE ATTACHED
 respond with a one paragraph feedback to one of your peers posting. Here is the posting below.
To open a new branch in overseas the activities that you should follow in the decision making are:
you start to scan the environment related to open a branch on overseas, understand why the business want open a branch in overseas (problems and opportunities that they want accomplish). After understand the goal and risk then an ownership of that objective should be identify and the level of interest that the business have to open the branch.
Once understood the expectation from the business then we define the variables that will get as results take or not the decision to open a branch overseas. The selection of those variables must be under a collaboration meetings or brainstorming method. We can get the following information as input or variables:
Customer or potential customer to reach and the income for each customer segment available in that area.
Legal potential issue with the local laws of the country or region that we want open
Potential culture issues such as: Language, religion, HR education level.
Country or region politic and economic stability
Easy access to that region or location:
Location Time zone

An evaluation of the Qualitative methods used and data analysis involved in researching the topic:

: An evaluation of the Qualitative methods used and data analysis involved in researching the topic: What differential forms of class experience as defined by Cultural Capital have Level 5 Sociology students had?
1: Brief referenced introduction to the concept of Cultural Capital in relation to Social Class and evaluation of recent published research
(BORDIEU- cultural capital)
2: Your research question- Research question is An investigation into the relationship between social class, cultural capital and theatres, concerts and galleries.
3: Brief account of methodological approach and method used and rationale in relation to research aims-
4: 5. Critical evaluation of methodology, method and data analysis used drawing on methodology literature, existing research and critically discuss:
Strengths and weaknesses of interpretivist methodology & interview method in relation to your research aim
Data analysis with conclusions. You must
5: include samples of coding four interviews used in your research: Coding developed in WORD. You will find it useful to illustrate your answer with screenshots from your Word coding and boxes of extracts from your WORD coding.


You are to consider a project and prepare a report assessing its management. This should be a personal one or one drawn from your work experience. Your report should focus on the effectiveness of the planning as well as the implementation activities. The management of project resources and budgets should be considered and the risks discussed. Applications of the techniques discussed in class and covered by the textbook are strongly encouraged, and speculative or indicative data is permitted. Your assignment should illustrate the application of techniques in areas such as:
1. Project Selection and Evaluation Methods
2. Work Breakdown Structures,
3. Planning techniques such as Gantt Charts or the Critical Path Method,
4. Workload and Cost Estimation methods,
5. Budgeting and Financial Control,
6. Risk Assessment and Management, and
7. Resource Management
Given the wide variety of projects that may be found, and the unlikelihood that any particular one might have sufficient data for all these techniques to be shown, but as many should be used as possible.

Risk Assessment

Please see Unit information guide attached for assessment 3 Risk Assessment report.
1. Develop and justify a risk assessment structure
2. based on risk management framework
complete a risk assessment report
3. provide overview of overall findings and elaborate on one high priority risk in each of the four categories. using the risk matrix map the risks you find important and justify why each of these risks are of high priority
4. develop and complete a risk assessment form
5. provide constructive recommendations
2500 words. learning outcomes 3,4,5. worth 50%


compile research proposal

compile research proposal
compile all sections that have been developed, including required sections within each assignments. Develop a final section called implications for the improvement of practice. In this section, discuss the results if this project were carried out and what the implications are for improving your teaching practice. Add references at end, include appendices as needed (data collection instrument), and develop a table of contents and a cover page. Length: 15-18 pages not including title and reference pages and a minimum of 7 scholarly resources, and APA form and style.
citations must be within 5 years. References must be in alphabetical order.

Informed consent in human research

Informed consent in human research
We will be evaluated according to these points :
1- Relevance or significance of the topic to law, ethics, or policy dilemma or problem in public health
2- Quality of presentation of the problem
3-Use of examples, evidence, support, data, or argumentation in your essay
4- Success of your paper in proposing new, novel, or underappreciated solutions to the problem or success of your overall argument for/against a particular legal, ethical, or policy approach to problem
5- Opening, introductory paragraph on what you will argue
6- the legal standard for informed consent (in both clinical care and research) is called the reasonable person standard. , investigate a bit what this legal concept means. Is it enough? Are there other, better standards?

fieldwork research

fieldwork research
What is the location and the culture you are researching? What is the history of the religion, culture or cuisine you are researching? What are the colors and sounds, music of the environment? How is the business decorated? What are the smells and tastes of the food or beverage? (you must taste something if researching a cafe or market) What did you taste? what are the ingredients? What is the name of one of the employees? Where are they from? Which language do they speak? How long have they worked at this business? What are your thoughts on your field work experience? What did you learn? Remember to take 5 photographs of your fieldwork location, you must be in one of the photographs!
Your paper should include the following sections:
Page I: The introduction will explain the history of your topic from at least 5 academic references. You should also mention why you chose this topic and fieldwork location.
Page 2. As a participant observer, you are yourself the key instrument of research. Discuss what you notice, how you react, what you find normal and what you find problematic, the questions you ask and the way you interpret people’s answers–all these are affected by who you are at this point in your life. So include your thoughts and observations, but remember to practice cultural relativism How would you characterize your attitudes about this chosen topic before you started this course and this fieldwork?
Page 3. The closing should have reflections about your fieldwork experience and what new things you have learned by interacting in this new environment.
Page 4. Will contain 5 or more detailed photos explaining the environment. You must be in one of the photos at the fieldwork site. Photograph menus or church services, and the building you visited. Also photograph the person you interviewed, rituals you watched, and or food you ate or drank.
Page 5. Will be your reference list of at least 5 academic sources on the topic of your fieldwork site also remember to cite your textbook!

Research Design

Research Design
‘Critically discuss the extent to which the context within which the research takes place, determines the research design’.
In order to answer this question you should consider the following:
*Size, type, and age of organisation(s) * The subject under investigation. *Access to organisation(s), research sample, data etc. *Ethical issues. *Your role as a researcher.
The answer must be supported by appropriate academic underpinning.

Alabama Lottery

Alabama Lottery
Develop a 12-14 page professional research paper stating whether or no the state of Alabama should or should not have a state lottery. Compare the advantages and disadvantages from states that currently have the state lottery, and explain how the lottery would ultimately help or hurt the state of Alabama.


Research 3 Clothing/garments manufacturing companies

Research 3 Clothing/garments manufacturing companies
write a report on 3 clothing maunufacturing companies, 2 british and 1 overseas
task1; write a 250 words report on each company; history/ Philosophy, What are they specialise in, who they manufacture for/ who else are their clients, do they work on large or small unit
Task2; 250 words on each company; what facility do each company supply , cost per unit, which of theses facilities do you need to produce my collection, Give a brief description of 3 machines which would be used to produce my collection and what the machines do(handmade or any machinery)
Task3; 250 word on each company visit, 250 word on conclusion comparing the 3 companies with costing sheets of how much each company will charge for your collection( minimum 10 of each outfits made
Taks4; Conclusion 250 words ; pick one campany and state why you choose the company to do your collection