Military Family Reintegration

Military Family Reintegration
The body format for this 7–8-page paper will be as follows:
1. Introductory paragraph in which you explain what the purpose is for the paper.
2. Use your readings to identify each need, 1 at a time. Use these identified needs as headings in your paper. In this short, but focused section you will want to have at least 3 references/sources for each need, 1 of which needs to be an academic or scholarly reference. Limit this section to no more than 6 focus areas (family issues, post battle traumas, career, etc.). Some of your focused areas/needs may be addressed in more of an expanded way in later modules/weeks in this term; however, in your explorative readings, you will come across these needs and be able to use them in your paper.
3. Use you conclusion paragraph to share any personal reflections you may have on your findings. You may use first person in this conclusion section.
The six area in which you will writte the paper are
1. resilience
3. acute stress
4. alcohol
5. anger
6. Reintegration and the importance of spirituality.
providing you with all the articles need it for each of six topic please stick to apa guideline to apa guideline not internet encyclopidia


This assignment requires that you describe with some depth a community of your choice. You will be asked to select a community, research its history as a community, determine who makes up the community, identify the type of community it is, and identify key strengths and key challenges facing this community. Read the assignment description carefully.


Modern Day Issues in Health and Social Care

Modern Day Issues in Health and Social Care
In contemporary Great Britain there exist many types of service users who use health and social care services. As a health and social care service worker, you will work in a multidisciplinary team (MDT). There are often issues in the news that are related to health and social care. Therefore as a service worker it is very important that you have a good grasp of contemporary issues of concern in health and social area and how they are developed and how public perspective subsequently influence the development of health and social care.
(1000 words)
Case Scenario:
You are a social worker for the local council in East London. Recently there has been a lot of coverage in the news media about patient safety. As a result your line manager has asked you to provide an information packet for the different service provider in your area. This will help further enable managers and care providers understand how information relating to health and social care gives rise to issues of concern to the public.
(1.1) Explain how information relating to health and social care reaches the public domain. The next section of the information pack you should
(1.2) Analyse different techniques for disseminating information relating to health and social care.
(1.3) Evaluate finally, in the information pack you should how the different ways in which information relating to health and social care is presented can influence the attitudes, thoughts and behaviour of people.
This is to be undertaken in the form of a piece of ACADEMIC WRITING.


The effect of steroids in Kuwait’s society.

Research Proposal
Topic: The effect of steroids in Kuwait’s society. (Remember this is the topic, it is your duty to reshape/revamp the topic while closely looking at the requirements set forth for you. This topic is very hard to write about because you will have very minimal knowledge about the country of Kuwait so research and learn a couple of things about the use of steroid in Kuwait. Three documents are attached. Document 1: The sample: This paper provides a sample of what a research proposal should look like. (base the whole assignment on this sample. For example: Where quotes are put on the sample, you should imitate that and put a quote on the paper (Of course the quote will be different because it will relate to the topic chosen) Look at the Title, working thesis, background, significance and methodology at the sample. The structure need to look the same but with your TOPIC instead. Sheet 2: In this paper, you will get some information about the assignment as well as remarks from me given by the professor. Some remarks to carefully look at are: “You should be showing that you have knowledge about the topic.” and “Describe the topic without the question should or should not” meaning that the title/thesis should not give you a yes or no answer but RATHER compel the reader into reading the proposal ” and “paper needs edge” and “Topic should be argumentative” and more importantly “Tie the topic with the social aspect of Kuwait, why are people in Kuwait taking steroids? What socially is making them take it?” But how do you search for such a topic? Literally Google search: Steroid use in Kuwait. However, cautiously remember that it is fine for you to read and understand BUT ONLY professional academic journals, newspaper articles, other sources with professional backgrounds are allowed! (Previous writer failed to do that) The third sheet has a PEER REVIEW RUBRIC. This rubric will be used by the professor, colleagues and yourself to grade. the proposal. THIS rubric should be read by YOU first because it provides you with information on how the paper will be critiqued. The rubric will help you understand how to physically write the assignment, what is right and what is wrong and also provides some insight on what a prefect proposal would look like (This is extremely important) Some ideas to analyze before attempting the proposal is: What is the bigger idea of this topic in relation to Kuwait? Why are steroids bad in general (What is the bigger problem). Why do people in Kuwait use steroids without knowing the harm? Why do they buy? Why is it expensive, why do they still BUY it in Kuwait, is there something about the culture or people we are unaware about? Why has the steroid market risen considerably in Kuwait? Do men do it more than women, why? There MUST be a higher purpose for this..Why are people injecting themselves with hormone growth? Could there be laziness in Kuwait? Do people want to take the harmful shortcut to a leaner body? (This is a good idea for something you can incorporate in the title or thesis). Be abstract be different. Don’t forget to Tie in cultural perspectives and personal account to the situation. Some advice: Look at the sample, realize where the quotes are put, where the journals were mentioned, where the language changes, where articles are located. Use that in addition to the rubric and instructions to construct the proposal. Additionally, BE creative,  a proposal similar to the sample in terms of creativity and transition. Finally DO NOT rush the assignment!

Day in the Life

Day in the Life
Assignment meets the following course objectives:
Apply a sociological perspective to the social world.
Analyze contemporary social issues using the sociological imagination and use sociological theories and concepts to analyze everyday life.
Recognize and define social structure and social interaction
Explain the reciprocal relationship in the influence between societal and structural factors, individual behavior and the self’s development
Develop written communication skills and critical thinking skills.
Apply American Psychological Association formatting and citation style when completing course assignments.
The purpose of this assignment is to record your life for one day and critically discuss how you are an actor in society; how you affect your social surroundings; and, how your daily life is shaped and constrained by society. This will allow you engage with many of the sociological concepts reviewed to-date including newer concepts such as impression management, stage theory and emotional labor.
Explain why you needed to perform in such a way (i.e., your motives, instincts, feelings, or structural constraints). Do you see who you are and where you are now? Write down your conclusion for this one-day life review journey.
1) Keep a journal. For one day record your life starting from the time when you wake up, to the first person you talk to, until you have finished your day and fall into bed asleep. The journal should be highly detailed Including details such as times, locations of every place you have been to (including where you start and end), people you have encountered, the ‘roles’ you have played facing different people and in different situations, the institutions you come into contact with (education, family, government, health, etc). Identify ‘who’ you were and ‘where’ you were in terms of what you have performed and what ‘stage’ you were on. Once you have completed your day, you will need to type your journal and include it at the end of your write-up. (the journal does not count towards you page count)
2) Analyze your day: After your day of journaling, you will use your typed journal to write a 3-6 page review of a day in your life (in essay format), using at least 8 sociological concepts (identified, defined, and analyzed) covered in this course to discuss:
– details about your day from a sociological perspective (eg. roles, institutions, interactions, impression management, stage theory, emotional labor)
– explanation of why you needed to perform in such a way in each of the settings you encountered (i.e. your motives, instincts, feelings, and/or structural constraints)
– a macro sociological analysis of ‘who you are’ and ‘where you are’ in society
– your conclusion for this one-day life review journey
The paper should be typed, double-spaced, 11-point font, 1″ margins. Both the write-up and your typed journal should be saved as ONE document with page numbers. Remember to include a citation for any resources referenced, in proper APA format, and make sure your name is on your paper.

Sociology Research Paper ( Attitudes Towards Rape in Lebanon)

Sociology Research Paper ( Attitudes Towards Rape in Lebanon)
Attached all the instructions and images of the survey questions for analysis.
The sociological question is : What are the attitudes of the Lebanese society towards rape laws in Lebanon?
Hypothesis : The Lebanese society blames the patriarchal system and religion for the lack of proper rape laws.

Excellence Theory and Contingency Theory

Excellence Theory and Contingency Theory
Excellence Theory and Contingency Theory are two general approaches in public relations. Compare and contrast these two perspectives. In your answer, be sure to :
1- include the core idea of each theory.
2- how both view communication
3- how both approach ethics

White paper : The Impact of School and Family on Underachievement of Gifted Students

White paper : The Impact of School and Family on Underachievement of Gifted Students
Select a topic or a synthesis of topics from the readings that you would like to develop further into a “white” paper;1 one that you might provide to an educational entity (e.g., school district, college) advocating for a certain innovation, pedagogy, service, etc. I will help you edit it along the way. White pages can range from 10-30 (or even longer) pages. But succinct (10 pages?) is better. Sample papers are available online in Blackboard and below.
a. In the paper, (1) state a position on an educational-related topic/issue and why it’s important (rationale); it must also be connected to the seminar topics in some way; (2) defend your position with theoretical and research support (use course readings as some of your citations); (3) discuss the implications for educational practice; and (4) provide a summary (restatement of your major thesis) and concluding comments.
b. Include a title page, abstract (no more than 100 words), and reference page(s)
Use APA 6th edition for formatting of the margins (1”), citations and references. The rest of the formatting can be snappy and interesting.
d. Provide a brief informal summary of your paper’s themes at our last class (provide an executive sum
The concept of a “white paper” was initially associated with an official government report, because they were printed on white paper. Nowadays, the term is generally used to denote an authoritative and informativepositionpaper. Moreover,writerstypicallyusethispublicationstylewhentheyputforwarda specific argument or suggest a solution to a problem. A white paper is focused on a specific target audience outside of their organization (see http://ow

Impact on violent video games on teenage boys

Impact on violent video games on teenage boys
Exploring how violent video games like call of duty, grand-theft auto, is likely to cause behavioural problems such as addiction, aggression, and violence on teenage boys (10-18)

Making questions for Sociology readings

Making questions for Sociology readings
making questions about Sociology after reading materials.
Read below book and reading and make ‘two questions’per one reading based on sociology. These questions for sociology class will be attached an example questions file.
<Reading materials>
1. David M. Newman, Sociology, Chapter 6, “Supporting Identity: The Presentation of Self.”
2. Erving Goffman, “The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life: Selections,” pp. 262-271 in Jodi O’Brien, The Production of Reality: Essays and Readings on Social Interaction (5th Edition), Pine Forge Press: Thousand Oaks, CA, 2011.