Loss and Grief -Coursework

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The subject area is SOCIAL WORK, which is not listed in the drop box.Therefore I selected sociology. I would like to use preferred writer. Writer must look at the movie “Freedom Writers”, as well as read “A time to Grieve: loss as universal human experience (Course Pack Readings by Simos, 2000), as well as other professional jounals. Writer is allowed to contact me at anytime, for any questions or concerns. Please inform me in a timely manner if this writer is not available. I would like to allow writer enough time to complete a quality paper. I’ve experienced problems in the past with customer service assigning my paper to a writer in a timely manner. I anticipate graduation in May, and cannot afford any delays or mishaps. If writer does not contact me within the next day, I would like to have my money refunded. That way I can located other resources to get this assignment completed. Thank you.


Sociology of healthcare-Essay

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for this time limit work, you will have to read THE REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: WEITZ,R.(2012). THE SOCIOLOGY OF HEALTH,ILLNESS AND HEALTH CARE: A CRITICAL APPROACH.(6TH ed.).Boston: Wadsworth. (ISBN:1111828792)


this is Timed Test This Test has the time limit of 1 hour.

to acess my course document. please follow these instructions 1. log on to http://cunyportal.cuny.edu/cpr/authenticate/portal_login.jsp

2. then log in username is – aeke and password is lady419

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5. THEN YOU WILL SEE "MY COURSES" on the right hand side, then click on "2013 spring term (1) sociology of health care SOC 305". Click on this and on the left hand side you will see a list, click on where it says " assignment" click on assignment and you will see "Week 2 Assessment: Quiz" click on that and answer all questions and submit.

Here are some questions to guide your reading:

•Who are the players involved in health care in the United States? What are their interests and how does that impact the care they provide and who they provide it to?

•Why have health care costs risen in the United States?

•How has the public’s health benefited from access to high technology medical interventions? Would the health of the public be better or worse if we spent less on high technology and more on primary care—lessening access to high technology while increasing access to primary care?

•What factors account for the rise of managed care? What are the potential pitfalls and benefits of managed care?

•What kinds of health care reforms do you think are necessary? What stakeholders would be likely to oppose those reforms?

I’d also like you to take some time to review the following websites:

•The Kaiser Family Foundation’s Health Reform Source (http://healthreform.kff.org/) provides state-by-state data on health care reform in the United States, including changes in laws, health-care related surveys, a health reform subsidy calculator in which users can estimate their premiums and assistance based on their personal information, and a section on “how reform works” with several videos explaining aspects of the recent health care reform.

•State Health Facts (www.statehealthfacts.org) hosts data on incidence rates for a variety of health indicators for all 50 U.S. states. Users can view state profiles with a wide range of health-related information, from insurance coverage and per capita health spending to death rates and life expectancies. A state-by-state comparison tool is also available to examine differences in health indicators between states.

•The Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care (http://www.dartmouthatlas.org) examines variations in regional patterns of health care utilization in the United States. It provides data and maps on topics such as surgical procedures, Medicare reimbursements, hospital use, end-of-life care, and hospital and physician capacity.

•The Medical Expenditure Panel Survey provides a large amount of survey data on health costs in the United States. Users can generate tables for MEPS data on different variables and years using the site’s MEPSNet query tools.

There is a wealth of data available here. What interests you? Surprises you?


Identify and describe primary differences between Carthage and Rome-Essay

Why are the Romans more successful that the Carthaginians?
source for it is : this link: { http://cuwhist.wordpress.com/worldviews-hist-103/primary-sources-reader/ ]
followed by clicking on the “Classical World”, then ( page.62-72 {Polybius, The Histories} )

Second Question is :-
2) How did the developments described in these readings undermine the medieval world and lay the foundations for the modern world?
Source is : {http://cuwhist.wordpress.com/worldviews-hist-103/primary-sources-reader/ }
in the “Medieval World” [Froissart, Chronicles, P.199-200] and [Boccaccio, The Decameron, P.200-205]

What explains homophobia and the discrimination and mistreatment of gays-Essay

This paper is for a lower level sociology class. Its basis is exploring the issues of social class and inequality; this paper needs to relate more to the aspect of inequality.

The topic of this term paper is this:

What explains homophobia and the discrimination and mistreatment of gays.

Keep in mind the course i am writing this for; this topic will mainly have to relate back to inequality. how does this discrimination and mistreatment make them unequal to the rest of society; perhaps in terms of life chances. I dont know, this is why I am getting a professional writer to do this.

Just please keep in mind the course, and the topic. I am an undergraduate, and this is to be a 5 page, double spaced essay. I expect a full 5 pages, double spaced; with a works cited list.

In terms of works cited, I also want links to the sources that you have used to create this paper. I want to be able to locate all the sources you located while doing background research for this paper; be able to print them off in the case of accusations of plagarism.

I have requested 9 sources at minimum. If you feel as a professional that 9 is too many, I am willing to settle with 8 at the very, very minimum; the professor informed us of the fact that he wanted 9 sources at minimum – but I am willing to be a bit flexible.

So in closing, keep in mind the course I am writing for. Social class and inequality. Inequality seems to be the key to this essay. In the conclusion of this term paper, I expect it to be something along the lines of why there is this inequality, what this inequality causes. Something to do with inequality. Any revelations or insights should try their best to be pertaining to either of those topics.

Poverty in canada-Essay

I will attach an article for which is about poverty in the us by Dana Dunn and David Waller`s, Analyzing Social Problems, second edition, Prentice-Hall, 2000.
These are some notes from the instructor on the essay:
This article examines social problems in United States and you will need to investigate if there are equivalent discussions of the selected social problem in Canada. In otherwords, one of your first tasks is to research the social problem in the context of Canada. please include referencing and a bibliography.
Formalizing the topic into a sociological framework is the main objective of this research paper, hence, if you are unsure of what constitutes the `Sociological perspective` as it applies to your particular topic, please consult with the instructor for clarification and/or identify literature written from this frame of reference. Keep in mind that this is the most difficult part of the project, and thus constitutes a major part of the term paper grade.

To strengthen the sociological perspective
you might look for David Ross’ book ” The Canadian fact book on Poverty`. Remember
from the social problems perspective, you need to spend some time with the problem
of ‘defining’ poverty. There is quite an interesting debate on this subject, and some
writers (Sarlo, for example) define it in such a way that they argue there is little poverty
in Canada. Ross provides a good summary of the debate over definition in this his book.

If you cant find any of the books he has suggested, i can find them and scan them for you.

A strategy for Weak Actors-Essay

Order Instructions:
The book name is Dying to Win The strategic logic if suicide terrorism. By Robert A. Pape.
The three-page paper will include a response, rejection or a question about the readings. Response paper should be thoughtful and analytical and not a review of the material read. Please only used the material the I send you. Time Roman Double space.