Using Technology to Assist in ESL Vocabulary Acquisition and Reading Comprehension

Using Technology to Assist in ESL Vocabulary Acquisition and Reading Comprehension
See the additional files for more helpful information:
The first paper is Very Important and helpful instructions
Topic: Using Technology to assist in Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Acquisition
Research Questions:
What are the ESL learners’ attitude toward multimedia applications for reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition?
Writing a research report
Introduction (1-2 pages)
Introduce the general area of the topic
State research problem clearly
Link the problem to the body of information available in the field
Establish the importance of and the need for carrying out the research
Introduce the research topic and research questions, including the research design (survey (see


Learning Object Design

Learning Object Design
To give you experience with learning object design, you will be given the opportunity to create an interactive learning object based on a topic of your choosing. The type of learning object is up to you: for example, you can create a small eBook, Flash/HTML5-based interactive resource, interactive video, blog, educational game or other object.

Most Trendy Social Network Application in Specific Country

Most Trendy Social Network Application in Specific Country
– Research and summarize your findings regarding the media trend in specific country while analyzing the trend and discuss the implications for this trend in the Middle East. – The report must contain a minimum of 5 sources (accounts, websites, magazine articles, documentaries, etc.) that are clearly connected to the research topic. – If you chooses to follow specific accounts, then each report must also contain new and additional source. -One source must be an expert’s comment on this trend. -Please when submitting the research, use the table that is created on the attached grading rubric document.

ICT based distance education framework for a developing country

ICT based distance education framework for a developing country
3.1 Introduction: what you will do/write in this chapter
3.2 Research Paradigms: constructivist paradigm, what is it? Why it is used here and why not other paradigms used?
3.3 Research Methodology:
Level one: case study, what it is and why it is used here
Level two: Qualitative, what it is and why it is used here
3.4 Sampling
3.5 Data Collection Methods: Interviews and focus group discussion (FGD) and how these are supported by qualitative case studies methodology and constructivist paradigm
3.6 Data Collection Procedures
3.7 Data Analysis Methods
3.8 Integrity of Case Study Research (validity and reliability)
3.9 Ethical Consideration

Management of Technology

Management of Technology
1- Describe in one paragraph the implementation of IT Governance in your organization. If no traces exist, explain why you should propose it to the BoDs?
2- In one paragraph, describe how IT changes are introduced and managed in your business organization.
3- Does your organization have a BCM function? What does it do? If no traces exist, how would you propose the (BCM value) to your BoDs? Your answer should be limited to one paragraph.
. Page 1; Student Name Instructor Name Course Number Date
Page 2: Title: Begin your paper here. Double space the entire document. Be sure to indent the first line of each paragraph ½” or by pressing the Tab key one time on the keyboard. Happy writing!
Page 3: Works Cited: This is a hanging indent. To keep the hanging indent format, simply delete this line of text using the backspace key, and replace the information with your reference entry. Additional citations should start again at the left margin, with a hanging indent for subsequent lines of the entry. The works cited page should be double-spaced and organized alphabetically with no additional spaces between entriesless


Learning Outcome Assessment ( WebQuest )

Read the following and understand what it is required “”

A WebQuest is an online, self-directed, discovery-learning activity that can be developed by anyone in order to guide other individuals or groups through a complex process.
The key point to understand about this project is not that you will take a WebQuest that someone else has already prepared, but that you will create one yourself—from which others could learn about a specific task that you choose. Hence, instead of a presentation
or report this project’s output is a small web site—conceived, designed, and built by you— with a very specific format and types of content. As with your ePortfolio work, you will develop your WebQuest using WordPress software. Finally, the intellectual goal of your project is to use your increasing critical thinking and assessment skills to identify and analyze the subject matter, skills, personnel, and resources that someone would require to complete your chosen task.
While WebQuests are often published as stand-alone web sites, the required output for this assignment is a series of specific content pages to be published as part of your Assessment II ePortfolio project. These consist of the following HTML pages:
1. WebQuest: The home page introduces your WebQuest. Here you introduce your topic and activity, and provide some initial description.
2. Task: Describe the outcome or goal as well as defining specific roles and responsibilities necessary to complete that task.
3. Resources: List the online and offline resources required to complete your task.
4. Process: Describe the process to complete the task in specific, detailed, steps. This is a critical section of the assignment.
5. Evaluation: Explain the key performance indicators for measuring the success of your project. How will your reader measure their level of achievement or mastery?
6. Conclusion: Summarize (recap) your WebQuest and provide closure on the project by including significant, thoughtful reflections.
6. Conclusion: Summarize (recap) your WebQuest and provide closure on the project by including significant, thoughtful reflections.
Other Details:
o Within your ePortfolio, your pages must be named according to the names given above, or you will receive an additional 10% off your final assignment grade.
– The WebQuest (or home) page must be a main-menu level (or ‘parent’) page in your WordPress theme, while the other pages will follow in order as sub-level (or ‘child’) pages.
-Your WebQuest must include all of the above pages, or you will receive an additional 50% off your final assignment grade.

Presentation & WordPress Site

Your presentation relates to your branded content strategy and use of owned media assets to attract an employers attention. Imagine an employer doing a Google search and finding your WordPress site. They will be impressed! During workshops, with the guidance of your instructor, you will develop a branded content strategy that showcases your personal brand. You will use owned media assets such as WordPress pages, and a blog (on a topic of your choosing) Linkedin and WordPress to showcase your brand. Students are expected to create the following owned assets:
1. Create a WordPress homepage 2. Create a minimum of one additional WordPress pages 3. Create a new blog (this should contain one or two posts) 3. Create a Linkedin page
Your pages should be written in a style that is appealing and appropriate for the intended audience. Your content should be original and related to the your personal brand. Your pages should demonstrate writing quality that is free of grammatical errors, show evidence of self-editing, and use accurate citations where relevant. Your owned assets should be unified and include enhancements such as tags, hyperlinks, video, and images.
1. The key story communicated across your owned assets is _________________________________________________________ 2. Each of the assets is cohesive, as demonstrated by ______________________________________________________________
3. To enhance my digital footprint, I would leverage these owned assets by joining the following groups on Linkedin _______________, and sharing WordPress with _________________ platforms. These are relevant because __________________________________________In addition to this;
4. In the future, I need to strengthen my digital brand by _____________________________________________________________
Note, you must copy and paste the content from your WordPress site into a word document. Please submit the word document that ALSO include the link to your WordPress and Linkedin sites electronically via Blackboard. The content contained in these owned assets will form part of your presentation mark

How to Read the WEB

a huge resource, the internet is a great source of information and opinion. no other single source presents so much and such diverse knowledge. how does one determine if a source is credible and as such, worthy of re-visiting or quoting? what about bias? how does that affect what is taken away by the visitor to the site? for this assignment, visit a website that purports to be informative or “rumor busting” or “news” determine the bias of the site. how was that decision made?
include the following
a description of the website
examples that denote the site’s bias(es)
the ease of navigation and the general set up of the site.
how useful the site would be for research and why.
paper should be 3-5 pages long properly formatted, titled and supported.
don’t forget to use proper citation techniques

Final Project

Final Project

MODULE 2 – Final Project
LEARNING OBJECTIVES & GOALS: To brainstorm ways to use all of today’s new digital and social media tools to produce an outstanding evergreen package and evaluate its effectiveness.
This final project is due by October 2. You are welcome to use short answers. Make sure to address ALL of the considerations listed below.
1. Social media can gather information from audiences (“crowdsourcing”) for your story.
a. What are the benefits and drawbacks of social media to gather ideas and information?
b. What tweets could you post to seek information or ideas?
2. Social media can promote your story to different audiences.
3. Traditional media reach different audiences. How could the following promote your story: print, direct mail, television, special events?
4. Initiatives, such as this story package, should always be evaluated for success.
5. Please offer one to three suggestions for improving opportunities for creative teams to produce evergreen packages such as this.

How social media in particular challenge the professional status technical communicators?


TOPIC: How social media in particular challenge the professional status technical communicators?
All written assignments and responses should follow APA style in formatting and attributing sources AND FOLLOW ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS ACCORDINGLY
Assignment 1 Grading Criteria
•Include in your introductory paragraph your purpose for writing this paper; this can be a simple statement of your strategies for this database search.
•Include a mapping statement following the purpose statement that briefly lists the key points sequentially of how you intend to organize the body of your paper.
•Stated a minimum of one relational research question and used the key words from the variables in the research question.
•Discussed additional key words obtained from the thesaurus related to your variables in your research questions
•Named two databases and explained clearly your reason for choosing the two databases and described what you learned from one database tutorial
•Explained Boolean logic, and illustrated using this logic with a specific example related to your research topic and question,
•In the final paragraph, identified four journal empirical research articles related to your research topic and question. Introduced each source in the author (date) format, and explained briefly (not more than 2-3 sentences/article) their relevance to the proposed research questions. Included the type of article selected (quantitative, qualitative, mixed-method).
•Created a Reference page and listed the four articles in accurate and complete APA format. (Include titles of articles only on the reference page, not in the text)