Classroom teaching methods and techniques

Classroom teaching methods and techniques
The structure of the assignment is as follows:
Introduction: topic and sections in the paper
Context: With the problem foregrounded and highlighted
Literature: the topic – what is it and how can it be addressed in the L2 classroom. Building knowledge and know-how about the topic
Application: Applying the points from the literature to your teaching situation. How can you apply the literature; how relevant is it; are there any incompatibilities; what issues will be particularly salient; what will you need to consider as teacher?
References: Only those in the text on a separate page.
– Arial (11point) or Times New Roman and Calibri (12 point)
– 1.5 line spacing
– Distinct headings
– Cover page
Also, the teacher recommends me to read the Powerpoint (ptt) that I will upload. Also, she recommends me to use the article of Facilitator Talk. Also, the work by Courtney Cazden and Robin Alexander.  will upload a sample of this assignment and important files to use.


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