Clinical practice improvement paper

 Clinical practice improvement paper
  This assignment builds on the work that already attatched . You will be provided with:
 ? a CPI template that they must type their CPI paper into.
 You will be required to use the library databases to locate a minimum of eight (8) secondary literature sources that closely relate to their nursing issue from Assignment 2. For example:
 ? systematic literature review, Cochrane review
 ? practice guidelines
 ? clinical protocol or guideline
 ? government report
 ? position paper of guideline from a reliable web-based resource (e.g. The Heart Foundation or the ARC etc).
 You are permitted to use the same sources they used in the attatched Assignment if they were secondary sources.
 You will be required to construct a CPI report using the supplied template. In order to pass this assignment, students must successfully address each of the criteria outlined on the Assignment marking rubric.


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