Combodian study guide

 Combodian study guide
 1:discuss why a majority of cambodians and cambodian americans are buddhist, but are not “structky”buddhists. what does this mean?
 2: discuss the interplay between religious rituals for healing, on both individual and collective levels. provide examples of ritual healing found in cambodia american communities.
 3: discuss the relationship between merit and karma.
 4: what is the role of khmer buddhist temples and monks in khmer and khmer american society?
 5: discuss the idea of cambodian american culture-work. what is it?
 1:why do khmer americans who converted to christianity do better in school?
 2: discuss reasons why khmer christians convert back to their od traditions.
 3: what do christian churches offer that buddhist temples do not?
 4: what is the relationship between religious belief and ethnic identity?
 5: will the khmer american community be able to maintain an ethnic identity as “khmer”in the future? why or why not?