Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice
  Assignment Objective: Apply conflict management techniques to varying situations
 Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to ensure students have a knowledge base of conflict management skills that are needed when managing and leading an organization.
 Assignment Description: What would you do? Think about the different conflict resolution styles we talked about this week. Read each of the below scenarios. Write a 1-2 paragraph response (for each of the three scenarios presented) as to how you would resolve the conflict.
 Parameters: Your responses should be submitted in a Word document with proper incorporation of APA 6th edition standards, if needed. Each response should be 1-2 paragraphs in length and you should use 12 point New Times Roman font.
 Required components and points:
 Response content scenario 1: 10
 Response content scenario 2: 10
 Response content scenario 3: 10
 Length (Required number of pages or words): 10
 Grammar, punctuation, and spelling: 10
 Total: 50
 Performance-Review Conflicts
 No employee likes to receive a negative performance review, but giving negative feedback in a review can be unavoidable based on the employee’s own actions during the review period.
 Employees may become angry over not receiving expected pay raises, promotions or other performance-related incentives, and may lash out by spreading discontent through gossip and a negative attitude at work. Employees may argue directly with supervisors during performance reviews, creating sensitive situations that require tactful communication.
 As manager, what would you do to resolve the conflict?
 Leadership Conflicts
 Personality clashes between managers and subordinates can cause a range of interpersonal conflicts to arise. Employees may feel bullied or pushed by more authoritarian managers, or may perceive a lack of guidance from more hands-off managers. Managers with type-A personalities may set goals that are too ambitious for their subordinates, setting them up for failure and inevitable conflict.
 As manager, what would you do to resolve the conflict?
 Discrimination Issues
 Discrimination can be a source of heated conflict, potentially ending in legal trouble for a company or its owners. Discriminatory conflicts can arise from personal prejudices on the part of employees or perceptions of mistreatment of employees.
 As an example of a discrimination-related conflict, imagine a minority employee in a team setting who feels that he is consistently assigned the most menial work tasks in the group. This employee may begin to harbor resentment against team members and managers, eventually lashing out through decreased productivity or outright verbal conflict.
 As manager, what would you do to resolve the conflict?


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