Critically analyse the effectiveness of exercise interventions that are prescribed for stroke survivors’. Essay

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This assignment is intended to assess the following learning outcomes:
• Identify the various states and implications for health surrounding chronic disease
• Analyse strategies for assessing and programming fitness activities for people with specific needs 
• Review factors influencing physical activity participation for children and older adults 
• Critically analyse the benefits and risks associated with physical activity in specific populations

�Critically analyse the effectiveness of exercise interventions that are prescribed for stroke survivors’.

The main sections of the assignment should be as follows:

Introduction: (15%)
Provide background information concerning the general characteristics of the population group. Relevant information here may include:

• Definition/diagnostic criteria of the condition
• Characteristics of this population i.e. Social/ethnic/economic group
• Risk factors (these could be linked to the point above)
• Prevalence i.e. where in the country (U.K) does there seem to be an issue/ are certain groups affected

ž In UK @ 150,000 people affected/yr (Stroke 
Association 2007)
ž Most > 65yrs but @ 20,000 < 45yrs & @ 100 in  children ž 3rd most common cause of death in UK ž 2nd most common cause of death worldwide ž 250,000 living with severe disabilities ž Disabilities result of combined effects ž Leads to dependence Main Content: (50%) Provide information about  • the positive and negative implications of participating in exercise  • the potential effects of prescribed medication • different types of exercise, intensity, duration of exercise interventions and  • the psychosocial elements of being active.  Relevant information here may include: • Discussion concerning limitation areas and the resultant potential impacts o Participation over non participation o Medication over Exercise • Consideration relative to all components of health-related physical fitness o NICE guidelines o Long term benefits o Short term benefits • Implications for both appraisal and programming Summary & Conclusion (25%):  Provide an overview of the entire process. Relevant information here may include: -Summary of main points -Recommendation for future research (i.e. if you were a researcher, given the information you have reviewed in the area, provide recommendations for future research that should occur). You should provide justification for your recommendations References: (5%) Information from outside sources should be appropriately cited within the body of the case study, with full references provided in this section. Students are referred to the Pears, R. and Shields, G. (2010). Cite Them Right. The Essential Referencing Guide 8th Edition. Hampshire UK. Palgrave Macmillian for specific information as to appropriate referencing format Presentation and Style: (5%) The essay should follow the format outlined below; • Use at least 16 fully referenced peer reviewed journal articles. • Fully reference the essay using the HARVARD style throughout as shown in Pears and Shields, (2010). • Make sure that paragraphing is appropriate and that spelling is correct. • Essay should clearly answer the question set and flow well. o information should come from journal sources and you should be critically analysing and evaluating it. PLACE YOUR ORDER WITH SIMILAR OR RELATED INSTRUCTIONS NOW

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