Developing a Question – PICOT

Developing a Question – PICOT
Develop a searchable question using the PICOT format. (The question is a single statement identifying the components of PICOT.) Use the worksheet uploaded to write out the PICOT question.
Refer to “Developing a Question” and “Topic 1: Checklist.”
Here are some tips to guide you:
The topic must be within the scope of nursing practice. Any topic that is dependent on another discipline is not appropriate. For example, if the topic involves medications that must be ordered or selection of one medical intervention versus another, the topic is not within the scope of nursing practice…it is dependent upon a physician’s order. That would be considered medical practice.
The topic must introduce an intervention that is not an already established standard of nursing practice. For example, turning a patient every two hours to prevent decubiti or handwashing to prevent spread of infection would not be appropriate for the capstone project.
The final PICOT should look like:
In your patient population (P), how does new intervention (I) compared to current practice (C) affect (or you can say improve or reduce the incidence of) the desired outcome (O) over the time frame that you are measuring the outcome (T).

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