Discussion – Consumption

Discussion – Consumption
Provide a factoid which you MUST use in order to relate to the reading uploaded here (***the article of ‘DeLong Cornucopia’, ‘jhally’ OR ‘roseberry’ MUST be used as the one and main source/reference***) in this response paper (approximately 280 words).
Also, please add/address at least TWO quotes with (author last name and page number) from the particular reading I provided above in this response paper as well.
About half of the wheat grown in the United States is used domestically. Of the wheat consumed in the United States, over 70% is used for food products, about 22% is used for animal feed and residuals, and the remainder is used for seed. Wheat is classified by time of year planted, hardness, and color (e.g. Hard Red Winter (HRW)). Washington wheat farmers grow five classes of wheat: soft white, hard red winter, hard red spring, hard white and durum. Every class of wheat has different end-use characteristics. The protein content, bran coat color, milling and baking qualities all determine the most suitable end uses for each type of wheat. Soft white wheat, for example, finds ideal uses in pastries, pancakes cookies, crackers, flat breads and cereals, while durum wheat is the hardest of all wheats, has a yellow endosperm, high protein, and high gluten strength, which makes it ideal for pasta.
***The article of ‘DeLong Cornucopia’, ‘jhally’ OR ‘roseberry’ MUST be used as the one and main source/reference in this response paper.***

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