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Draft literature review for research design due in class, the purpose is review the state of knowledge in the field; not to show where data came from. Papers must be in APA Style with Times New Roman 12 point font.
– Begin generally: here is the basic field I am working in
– Explain the arguments or different opinions (providing examples from the literature) that exist in your field
– Review the specific findings of prior work in your specific area (here you can go into greater detail; do not go into full detail on general works)
– Keep the literature review objective. You can point out weaknesses or strengths of prior work, but don’t insert your opinion here- save it for the conclusions (and even then, maintain formal tone)
– Show how your work fits within the field reviewed.
– Be sure to look at scholarly journals.

Note: If there is not that many referances for my topic just dow on what is available.


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