Epidemiology-Surveillance and Screening

 Epidemiology-Surveillance and Screening
 Discussion Topic 1: Comparing Screening and Surveillance
 Screening for a disease and disease surveillance can involve similar activities, but each one has a different focus. What do you see as the essential difference? Provide an example of 1) an Australian screening program and 2) Australian disease surveillance program (including references) and explain how they differ.
 Discussion Topic 2: Comparing Screening and Surveillance
 Do you think that the examples of screening and surveillance programs that you identified in the topic 1 Discussion are effective? Why? Why not?
 Basic Epidemiology by Bonita, R., Beaglehole,R., & Kjellström, T. Retrieved from http://whqlibdoc.who.int/publications/2006/9241547073_eng.pdf. Copyright 2006 by World Health Organization. Reprinted by permission of World Health Organization via the Copyright Clearance Center.
 ?Chapter 6, ‘Epidemiology and Prevention: Chronic Non-communicable Diseases’
 ?Chapter 7, ‘Communicable Diseases: Epidemiology Surveillance and Response’

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