Exam 1

Exam 1

Please answer each of the following questions in 300-400 words (use the word count function
the question. Your answers should be typed into a word document with Calibri or similar font,
concepts, and demonstrate that you understand them. Finally, make sure to read through your
sound natural as speech, and similar to how you normally talk.
1. Drawing from “Darwin’s Darkest Hour,” “What Darwin Never Knew,” “Was Darwin
Wrong” and powerpiont presentations, explain the case that Darwin made for evolution
2. Use the example of the evolution of hairlessness in human ancestors explained in “The
3. Drawing from the Unit 2 assignment and presentations, explain what would happen if
4. Drawing from “What Darwin Never Knew,” and either “Instant Evolution Seen in
natural selection likely play in the evolution of finch beaks on the Galapagos Islands.
What is the evolutionary significance of a mutation during meiosis versus mitosis? Around 300 words each question

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