n preparation for the Week Three assignment, look ahead in the course syllabus and post a draft topic and objectives for your training and development plan.
To Plan, Design, Deliver, and Evaluate an Original Training Program
Based on your draft topics and objectives for your training and development plan and the peer feedback you received in Week Two, finalize the topic and objectives for your training program. Include the following in a 20- to 25-slide PowerPoint presentation:
Conduct a needs assessment for your proposed training program. This should include both an individual and a task analysis.
Develop specific training objectives based on your needs assessment and any assumptions you may need to make.
Develop a detailed training proposal. This should include the following:
Title and brief description of the program
Training objectives
Training methods to be used, and a justified rationale for using them, based on training theory
Proposed instructors and the reason for using them
A tentative training outline
A tentative list and description of training materials needed
An evaluation plan including both short-term and long-term evaluation, where appropriate.

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