Generational Analysis

Generational Analysis
See the rubric and the instruction  wrote for you. There is 5 article and one chapter (the chapter has two model you have to incite that to the paper also). The total of references is 6. Please make sure you follow the rubric and this instruction:
1. The readings suggest that organizational culture is impacted by generational groups that differ in their communication styles, beliefs, and values as well as a preference between working alone or as a member of a team. (Explain all four generation after the introduction).
2. Compare and contrast two generational groups in terms of your organizational culture and interpersonal and group dynamics.( here you have to pick up a two generation out of four and make sure to write an example such as the generation of professor in special education department or school or family by using the information in the reference).
3. Be sure to define the generational groups and reference your definition from a scholarly source.
Chapter 8 of Bolman and Deal (2008) also provides you with two models that
make assumptions about organizations and individual behavior. The models also can be used as a context for your comparison.
(Bolman, Lee G.; Deal, Terrence E. (2013). Reframing Organizations : Artistry, Choice and Leadership.)
APA format and style is required. You are encouraged to cite the readings in in this course, supplemental materials, or any additional, related scholarly works (i.e., journal articles or books).

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