Using the readings up till now, the readings for Class 09, and the short video below to answer the following questions:

Current Concepts (60 pts)
•How did Haier’s competitive position in China help it to expand internationally relatively early?
–Low-cost leader or differentiator (1st Mover, 2nd Mover, Niche) (5 pts)
–Intra-Firm Value Chain & Strengths/Weaknesses (10 pts)
–Global vs adaptive products (5 pts)
–Late Mover Advantages for Haier (10 pts)
•Make the case that Haier can be a pure exporter of white goods from China to the US?
–Inter-Firm Value Chain & Value Creation (10 pts)
–ADDING Value Scorecards (20 pts)
Clarity & Language/ compare Haier with late mover and Wedgwood cases (20 pts each)
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