You will be assigned a topic to research and you will need to narrow down to a specific relevant research question that would ADD VALUE to the online lecture and textbook materials. Your source materials may be media reports and/or research papers. You may consult the appropriateness of the research question by submitting a proposal to the LIC.
 The final submission consists of 3 items and 2 files (name the file as zxxxx.ppt and zxxxx.mp4 respectively):
 1. A Powerpoint presentation file. The main presentation should have not more than 7 slides.
 2. A reference list with an annotated bibliography which briefly summarizes each reference researched. Please use Harvard referencing. The annotation should be 100-150 words describing the article. Place this reference and annotated bibliography at the end of the Powerpoint presentation file. The slide number restriction is only on the main presentation and not on the reference and annotated bibliography slides.
 3. A recording of your professional presentation in business attire up to 3 minutes based on the submitted ppt. Moodle do not permit uploading file >100 mb. mp4 files for the video will be fine. Other internet friendly video formats are also acceptable.
 The original video may be done via a webcam or digital camera. Student who chooses to upload to social media would need to set up an account in Dropbox/YouTube etc. Please see the file sharing social media’s website for details on how to set up an account.
 Marking criteria are the overall impression as to
 Adding value and knowledge to the online lecture and textbook materials
 Effort in research
 Demonstration of the ability to apply the findings to a wealth management issue and come up with strategies
 Clear, focus, concise and professional textual, visual and verbal communication
 Capacity to communicate confidence in the material
 Stay within length and time limit
 Students are advised to write the PowerPoint, then prepare the script. Polish them, check the slides and presentation against the criteria above. Rehearse then record as many times as you feel needed. Finally upload the video, embedded the URL in the PowerPoint.
 Submissions may be made available to other students in the course to provide  additional qualitative feedback. Research, Written Communication and Oral Communication will each account for equal weighting of the total marks in this task.