International and humanitarian disaster management

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Master is Disaster Medicine and Management and currently studying a course with this information Course name: International and Humanitarian Disaster Management Course description: International and humanitarian disaster management has steadily evolved over decades. The increased emphasis on global disaster preparedness from both governmental and private sectors has widespread application across all borders. Through the exploration of disaster models, public health principles, economic, social and political elements, students will explore the application of the disaster cycle. The assignment of the first week includes two questions that you will answer BUT please be guided by the following instructions (VERY IMPORTANT) 1- Please answer the two questions using ONLY three references BUT from those three references IF APPROPRIATE YOU MUST USE FROM THE FOLLOWING REFERENCES, because they are the assigned reading of this week, AND the other one or two references could be from you choice.:
• Wickramasinghe, K.K., Ishara, M.H., Liyanage, P., Karunathiliake, I. M., & Samarasekera, D. (2007). Outcome-based Approach in Development of a Disaster Management Course for Healthcare Workers. Annals Academy of Medicine; Singapore: vol. 36, No. 9, p 765-769.
Barbera, J. A., Macintyre, A. G., Shaw, G., Seefried, V., Westerman, L., & de Cosmo, S. (2007). Healthcare emergency management competencies: Competency framework final report. The George Washington University: Institute for Crisis, Disaster and Risk Management.
2- Use a clear language and avoid the hard or uncommon words or expressions that usually be native speakers BUT all question must be answered completely and nicely without missing any part of any question. 3- Make sure please to cover all the parts of each question. . 5- The two questions are:
1. How do core competencies change between domestic and international response?
2. Discuss the concept of humanitarian aid, provide an example and analyze the political ramifications.