Introduction to cybercrime

 Introduction to cybercrime
  Social media accounts have been hacked (think celebrity icloud accounts), altered, and used to spread political and anti-corporate messages. Profiles and followers have been lost, brand images have taken hits, and even the international stock market took a brief tumble as a result of security issues.
 Individuals and organisations should not forgo the benefits of social media due to fear of being victimised by outside parties. In reality, the majority of the above-mentioned security issues were the result of very simple scams and a lack of individual caution: suspicious emails and websites that employees visited without thinking twice; passwords being shared via email; untrained staff using corporate social channels.
 Your task:
 1. What is social media?
 2. What are the threats?
 3. How are social media platforms assisting their users with security measures?
 4. Referencing is not part of the word count. Feel free to footnote, there is no need to attach a separate bibliography.
 Don’t spend much time on Q.1
 Remember this is a limited word count so reduce introduction and conclusion.
 Word count – 1000 words


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