Introduction to Human Biosciences Cells of The Immune System -Essay

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Cells of The Immune System
For this practical you should complete a full IMRAD write-up.

Your report should contain the following in addition to the following the normal rules of IMRAD writing described to you in your skills module.

Introduction (15%)
The purpose of the experiment – to compare normal and pathological features of blood cells on microscopy. You should put this into your own words of course, add any appropriate references etc….

Method and Materials (25%)
Convert the bulleted list into the 3rd person, past tense, using sufficient detail for both section to ensure that a person could repeat your work exactly.

Discussion (50%)
Discuss your findings – you may use photographs/diagrams from other resources, explain how a white count and differential is used in a hospital lab and any other info you think is interesting for the discussion. You should include the results – the differential counts from the microscopy and what this may mean for the pathology of the patient. You should describe any relevant features of the cells in both the normal and diseased slides and how this indicates a particular diagnosis.

References/Bibliography (10%)
Your work MUST be appropriately referenced.


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