knowledge management

 knowledge management
Assignment Question
To what extent can Human Resource Management support organisations in
designing and delivering appropriate policies for the management of knowledge
work and knowledge workers?
Approaching the question
Start by reading KEY READING 4 from the module booklet, i.e. ‘Chapter 2:
Knowledge-Intensive Organizations’ (from Newell, S. et al (2002). Managing
Management in the Innovation Process’, and then associated readings from the
Management in the Innovation Process’, and then associated readings from the
Tam, M. et al ‘Chapter 8: Organizational and Occupational Commitment:
Knowledge Workers in Large Corporations; Storey, J. ‘Chapter 9: Human Resource Policies for Knowledge Work’; and Lengnick-Hall, M. and Lengnick-Hall, C. ‘Chapter 14: HR’s Role in Building Relationship Networks’.
You should employ appropriate examples to illustrate your answer, preferably from
understand or apply the material.
the module booklet or textbook, as this does not demonstrate your ability to
understand or apply the material.
Students are reminded that whilst some questions may very evidently refer to a
particular unit they are all designed to span issues across the entire module. A full


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