Legal and computer Forensics Report

Legal and computer Forensics Report
Write a critique on the Forensic Examination Report (FE) on this webpage. The FE report analyses two computers and several portable drives.
The scope of your critique is the work laptop and its hard drive [Panasonic Pro Toughbook Laptop Computer (HDD01)].
The FE report refers to several previous examination reports (PE).
The PE reports attempted to gain a conviction based upon alleged computer misuse.
The FE report provides a critique of the PE reports and also a new investigation of the source computer data.
Your critique should include:
1. A description of areas of forensic strengths in the FE report
2. A description of areas of forensic weaknesses in the FE report
3. A list of supplementary questions that a judge might request to be answered, and why they are important. Note:
a) you are not in a position to verify the accuracy of either report in terms of what was actually done by the ‘accused’ or the original ‘investigators’.
b) you do not have access to the source computer data
c) you are not required to comment on the technical correctness of either the
PE or FE reports. If you think that an assertion is wrong or unsubstantiated
then you should add this to your list of supplementary questions.
d) You should not analyse or discuss evidence on HDD02, HDD03 or HDD04.
Marking scheme
Presentation & Organization: 10%
– marks for readable layout/font, spell-checking, clarity of English etc
– marks for removing the mystery story aspect, achievable by indicating
*clearly* in the introduction what the rest of the report is about – marks for clear/stated organization, clear section headers
Relevant content: 40%
– marks awarded for *relevant* material
– with an appropriate depth of discussion and factual support
Reflection/Conclusions: 40%
– marks awarded for showing critical evaluation of source material – with relevant examples
Bibliography: 10%
– follow the bibliographic style, with an adequate number and appropriate
choice of references
– each textual citation should be referenced and each reference should be
cited in the text