Making National Decisions as a Key Player -Essay

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The analysis should be delivered in first-person, and all elements below should be addressed from the perspective of your chosen key player.
The essay should be a focused analysis using relevant concepts and specific examples from the course materials to support your thesis. Additionally, you will be graded on insightful thought, critical analysis, creative thinking and an overall mastery of the course material. Specific attention will be given to your unique contributions. (Grade breakout: 45% for content/support + 45% for critical analysis + 10% for grammar/structure = 100%).

Using the information provided only, take the role of a Key Player in the national decision making process (from the list below–attached), and analyze the author’s premise in the article from this perspective and provide Courses of Action (the ??�what’) the US should take to address issues identified in the article and in that region of the world.

I believe that depending on selection…that would dictate which areas are pertinent. If you were to choose Congress as the Key Player lessons: 1,2,4,5,6,& 10, (as well as pages–144-158,) from the first PDF and lessons 13, & 19 from the second PDF should provide ample information. Again, this depends on the Key Player Chosen. I can review and provide some specifics with regard to the different Key Player options this evening


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