marketing communications and advertising planning

marketing communications and advertising planning
Element 1.1
Develop an essay plan for a 1500 word essay to address the following topic:
• Advertising and communications campaigns are always more successful when emotional appeals are used. Discuss in relation to selected elements of the communications mix (e.g., advertising, sales promotion, mobile marketing) using examples to support your argument.
Your one-page plan should include a summary of your main argument and should also include five academic journal article references, properly listed in Harvard style. Include in your plan an introductory statement of 300 words which should include at least two in-text citations. Element 1.1 to be submitted in class, 13 November 2014.
Please note that five academic journal article references should be from reputable jornals such as the Journal of Advertising Research or the Journal of Marketing Communications and can be found in the “Databases” on iCat: ABIInform or Business Source Premier.
It is also worth thinking about how you want to focus your essay- at the moment the title is very general, but I have encouraged you to focus in more specifically on something that interests you- e.g., emotional appeals such as humour or sex appeals.


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